Tear Jerker / The Truman Show

Too bad this is all staged. In fact, Truman is crying because itís fake.
  • When Truman abruptly crashes into the wall of the studio. Feeling that he is trapped forever and understanding how his whole life was a lie, he begins to break down in tears as he tries to punch through the wall in a futile manner. The lack of sound in this particular shot makes it just that much more soul-crushing.
  • Truman being reunited with his (actor) dad as part of a ploy of Christof's to keep Truman on the island. While Christof is manipulating the scene with rising music and dramatic shots, the real, genuine emotion of Truman at once makes the scene work In-Universe but also for the actual audience in terms of dramatic irony, how Truman is just a part of the emotional pandering itself, without his knowledge.
  • "Was nothing real?"
  • There's something very sad and empty when Truman quietly utters to Meryl "Why do you want to have a baby with me? You can't stand me." as he realizes his "marriage" to a woman (who hates him) is but a complete sham, it leaves him with nothing, for there was never a real relationship.
  • The scene where Truman and Marlon are sitting on the bridge and Truman's talking about his fears and suspicions. Getting his lines fed by Christof, Marlon tells him to trust him, that he would walk into moving traffic for him and then pauses before saying that he would never lie to Truman. You can tell from his face that he feels terrible about doing this to Truman. Similarly, look closely at Truman's face. He's not crying because he's so moved by Marlon's speech, he's crying because if everyone is in on it, Marlon is, too. AKA, his best friend since he was seven years old. Sheesh.
  • Sylvia gets forcibly removed from the studio after giving Truman the only genuinely romantic moment he's ever had. The actor taking her tries to smooth it over (in vain) by telling Truman she's schizophrenic, and "brings all her boyfriends here." Truman's face says it all - geez, rip the guy's heart out, why don't you?
  • Sylvia's last words before being whisked away. The pleading and desperation in her voice is pretty powerful.
    Sylvia: Get out of here! Come find me!
  • The scene with Truman and Hannah (the woman playing Meryl) after Truman's first failed escape. Truman is attempting to have a serious conversation with Hannah only for her to hock products at him. Truman loses it when he realizes Hannah is in on it, scaring her into pulling a kitchen knife on him and telling him he's the one going crazy. It's terrifying for Truman to realize he can't even trust his own wife, and you watch his mind unravel.
  • Truman in general is a walking sad individual: Figuring out that everyone around him (aside from Marlon and Sylvia) don't care for him and are all in this whole charade of a simple big set. And let's not even get started with how much Christof and his "parents" manipulate him and enforce his fear of water.