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Tear Jerker: The Spoony Experiment
  • Some would say that the rapid deterioration of Lord Kat and Spoony's friendship, is a tear jerker in itself. Especially if you go back and listen to their D&D campaigns, and hear how much fun they're having, it's quite sad.
  • His reaction to the death of Kodo in The Beastmaster. "No joke, when I saw that as a kid, I wept for days. I'm still traumatized!"
  • Vlog 12-14-11 Trip to DC, Stop SOPA! is absolutely heartbreaking. Not only is Noah visibly shaken by his trip to DC, but he also explains how, while none are ready to give up the fight just yet, all the contributors of That Guy with the Glasses have been talking about what they would do if the bill passes, knowing full well that their sites could just like that be delisted, robbing them of their livelihood.
  • The blackened version of his logo used to protest SOPA. "The Experiment Is Over." For others, it was straight-up nightmare fuel.
  • The ideals of the Avatar playing over the Avatar butchering a bunch of kids, as "Adagio for Strings" plays.
  • The end of his Breaking Dawn Part 1 review, where he briefly and drunkenly breaks down and admits to Linkara and Jew Wario that he's so lonely and depressed and asked them to help with the V-Log because he couldn't do it alone.note 
  • Near the end of the review of Game Over, Spoony is reminded that he still has to review Ultima IX...after some flashes of him screaming strapped to a chair wearing a straightjacket and goggles. After he leaves, the camera focuses menacingly on Burton... really puts the words "The Spoony Experiment" into perspective, huh? Even worse, as the camera fades to black, a string from Leaving Earth plays. Shiver...
  • A meta-example in him leaving Channel Awesome..
    • His extrapolation of why he left the site makes it all the more unfortunate that the Twitter fiasco seemed to be the sole reason for it.
      • It seems like part of it was due to site politics along with unhappiness with certain ways Channel Awesome was run and the site design as well.
  • Noah has been diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, though he does try to make light of the situation by poking fun at the fact that there's a II in there.
    "Yes, I have the sequel to bipolar disorder. Bipolar II: The Quickening."
  • At the end of the second part of the Ultima IX review, the Guardian basically sums up Spoony's life at that point, saying that he's "alone", "abandoned by his friends and co-workers", and that people only enjoy watching him suffer. The case of Real Life Writes The Script is just heartbreaking.
    • Not that the first part is any slouch when you view it in perspective with the rest of the Ultima retrospective. Seeing Spoony talk about how he grew up with the Ultima games and was a devoted fan from the beginning, only to have his favourite RPG series ruined before his very eyes, is nothing less than heartrending. One particular visual stands out: Spoony shows the Origin logo with the slogan changed to "We used to create worlds" and a frowning face next to the caption "Origin is an Electronic Arts company". If you've been watching the rest of the videos, you don't even need to be an Ultima fan to feel Spoony's pain.
      • The amended Origin logo & slogan becomes even more depressing when you remember what has become of Origin in 2012 - It's gone from an independant studio and the heights of the Ultima & Wing Commander series, to EA's digital distribution network. "We used to create worlds" indeed.
    • In the final part of the review, after Dupre abruptly comes back to life, it cuts back to Spoony, who sits silently for a few moments. He gets up, walks off screen and returns with every piece of the Ultima series he owns. He proceeds to recount how one of his earliest memories is playing the games with his older brother, how the series pretty much taught him to read and was a major influence on his tastes as he grew up. He then throws every installment of the series across the room in disgust, declaring that it all meant jack shit since it all eventually led to Ultima IX.
      • In the same video, his breakdown before the final confrontation with the Guardian, in which he laments how he has been betrayed by almost everything in his life, from his fandom choices to his job/coworkers. He also rants during his breakdown on how it's perhaps better to just die before everything you know and love turns to shit. He first lists off examples like Highlander and Final Fantasy, but then he says, "my job, my fucking life!" He really knows how to twist the knife.
      • It gets even worse if you go back and watch the Retrospective in full, he starts out so positive and upbeat about the Ultima series, flaws and all, then Pagan happens, and it just keeps going downhill until that moment in IX.
  • The ending of the Night Claws review, where Reb Brown, considered by Spoony to be one of the most underrated action stars ever, is unexpectedly killed off. He spends a good thirty seconds in utter, wordless shock and bewilderment, unable to articulate on what he just saw. He just ends the review there as he sadly walks away.
  • The end credits of his Final Fantasy XIII review show all the high review scores the game got (one of which named it the best game ever, and another which gave it a 120/100). It then shows quotes from the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and the game's director, Motomu Toriyama, outright admitting that they don't really care what critics of the game think, and claiming that they needed to make the game as linear as it was or they might not have been able to tell a compelling story otherwise. The two quotes at the end are particularly depressing, because they seem to contradict everything Final Fantasy used to be about.
    • The second quote hits especially hard, as over the course of the review, Spoony repeatedly brings up how the game repeatedly doesn't bother actually providing information regarding the plot unless you read the supplemental Datalog entries, and in Part 5, that the game outright states that the third of the game before you head off to the end game is nothing more than level grinding. In short, they made the game linear because they might not have been able to tell a compelling story otherwise, and they still didn't manage to tell a decent story.
    • At the end, seeing Snow snap Spoony's gunblade in half. To see it go from something he abhorred to his Weapon of Choice and then to watch it be destroyed right in front of him...
  • His post about Justin Carmical's death, saying he "may never stop reeling from it," and will certainly never understand it. Then you remember he's already had to deal with one of his fans committing suicide.
    • Plus his not allowing any comments on the post, given the very real chance his Fan Dumb would take them in a horrible direction.
      • A wise move on his part, as the Trolls came out in force when he made the announcement on his Twitter.
    • In the post-credits of Lethal Games, there is a somber moment where Spoony sits on his chair, holding Justin's Jew Wario hat, before leaving and placing said hat on his chair. What sells this moment is the lack of any music, Spoony's heartbroken expression on his face (you'd expect him to burst into tears), and the camera lingering on the lone hat as it slowly fades to black. It's almost haunting.
  • He shows some real dramatic acting chops as he's driven to tears by White Ghost barely featuring Reb Brown.
  • His review of The Matrix Revolutions. You can just feel his disappointment at how the film ended up as through the text.
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