!![[Film/TheSecretGarden1993 The 1993 film]]
* All of ''The Secret Garden'' films qualify at some point, with the 1993 version being a particularly heartrending offender.
-->"You brought us back to life. You did something I thought no one could do."
** The entire scene is very sad and moving, after Colin and Archie are reunited, Mary runs off in tears, and says "No one wants me!". She tells Lord Craven she [[spoiler:took the garden because it wasn't wanted]], Lord Craven [[spoiler: comforts her and assures her he won't lock it up]].
* Depends on how easily moved you are, but several instances bring happy tears, and the '93 movie has a terribly sad dream sequence.
* Also in the 1993 film, the moment when Colin and Archie finally reunite, and Colin doesn't even know it at first [[spoiler:because he's blindfolded from playing blind man's bluff with Mary and Dickon]].

!!The anime
* YMMV on the anime series, but it ''does'' have several moments that are genuinely sad. Like Mary having an HeroicBSOD after meeting Mr. Craven for the first time and thinking that he hates her, the (surprisingly well-done) ending in which [[spoiler: Colin ''finally'' can walk again, calling out for his father]], the flashbacks to [[spoiler: Lillias Craven's death]], or [[spoiler: the story of the {{Canon Foreigner}}s [[StarCrossedLovers Camilla and Max Hawkins]].]] ''Specially'' in the case of [[spoiler: Camilla]], who is one of the biggest {{Woobie}}s in the series.

!!The 1987 film
* In the 1987 film, [[spoiler:TheReveal that Dickon [[DeathByAdaptation died]] in the war.]]