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Tear Jerker: The Sarah Jane Adventures
     Elisabeth Sladen's death 
  • Pretty much everything about the series, following Elisabeth Sladen's untimely death. No one will ever forget YOU, Lis.
    • This teaser for the last story, The Man Who Wasn't There.
    • "And the story goes on... forever."
    • Especially with this quote that accompanies it:
      "So we sat at a picnic table and Lis asked me how I would end The Sarah Jane Adventures and I said that she couldn't just retire, could she? I said, 'She'd do something magnificent, and then she'd make sure the kids were fine, and then she'd go...up!' 'What d'you mean, up?' asked Lis, and she was laughing. 'You mean, into the sky?' 'Yes!' I said. 'She'd go up. Onwards. Outwards. Into the stars. Just...up! D'you fancy that?' 'Oh yes,' said Lis. 'That sounds nice.'" - Russell T. Davies
    • Sarah Jane's reunion with The Brigadier after so very long in Enemy of the Bane. Let's face it, it sucked to be a Who fan in 2011. Doctor Who lost two of its brightest stars within weeks of each other; to see them onscreen together is almost too much to bear.
    • A comment on YouTube concerning the Third Doctor's regeneration reflected that all the actors in the room were long dead. Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Courtney, and Kevin Lindsay had all passed on.
    • How can you conceivably watch this show, that's meant to be so child friendly and uplifting, and not break down in the knowledge that Sarah Jane Smith will never again tell us that everything will turn out okay? No, all we have now is Torchwood's message that everyone you love will eventually slip loose this mortal coil, and unrelenting evidence from Doctor Who that, as a species, we're not worth saving.
  • Had the series carried on beyond 2011, Tom Baker would have returned as the Fourth Doctor. Just imagine that! The quintessential names of mid-70s Doctor Who back on our screens, together after so long. Who wouldn't have loved the TARDIS to have materialised in the attic and for Sarah Jane to expect David's or Matt's Doctor to stroll out, only to be greeted with that unmistakable voice: "Hello Sarah Jane...". Just one more thing that we'll never see now.

  • At the end of Eye of the Gorgon, when Bea hears the voice of her dead husband one last time.
  • Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?, when Andrea Yates tearfully says "But it's my birthday".
    • The following scene. A lot of it is in the delivery, particularly Jane Asher's (Andrea's):
    Maria: I'm sorry, Andrea, but you were meant to die.
    Andrea: Meant? Who says I'm meant to die? I was so young I had so much to do and I did it. Look at me. I lived every single moment because I knew what it was worth.
    Sarah Jane: So did I.
    Andrea: And you're the chosen one? The golden girl?
    Sarah Jane: Oh, nobody was chosen. It was stupid and pointless what happened that day. But this is worse. That thing twisted it. He used you.
    Andrea: So I die? At thirteen?
    Sarah Jane: And my son gets a chance to live. He's lost out there, Andrea. Somewhere terrible. And I am begging you please: save him.
  • The climax of "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" when her parents tell her how much they love her. Then they get into their car and drive away, knowing that they're going to be killed in a car crash.
  • Pretty much the whole of Sarah Jane and the Doctor's conversation at the end of "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith".
    • Especially the Tenth Doctor's final words to Sarah Jane:
      The Doctor: Don't forget me, Sarah Jane.
      Sarah Jane: No one's... ever going to forget you.
    • The quote's also a bit ironic, as Sarah Jane knows about Donna's fate. Real Life just makes it worse, considering that these were David Tennant's last words as the Doctor — this was filmed after "I don't want to go".
    • Sarah Jane losing her fiancÚ. Who is, to boot, a perfectly nice guy who truly does love her.
  • "Death of the Doctor": From Sarah Jane asking if the Doctor's last body was in pain when she last saw him, to Jo Grant finding out the Doctor's travelling with a married couple and remarking she only left him because she got married and wondering if he thought she was stupid, to Jo mentioning the Time Lords... there's a lot of little beats like this.
    • We learn that Harry Sullivan is almost certainly dead.
      • The fact that neither Dodo nor Victoria are mentioned leads one to suspect that they have likely passed on as well.
    • The fact it ended up being the last adventure the Doctor and Sarah Jane ever had on screen, due to Lis Sladen's untimely death.
  • The end of The Curse of Clyde Langer.
    • The rage especially of Sarah Jane and Rani towards Clyde, combined with their uncontrolled sadness they can't understand, and Sky's desperate attempts to make them realize that something is wrong leads to an extremely Tear Jerker full story
  • Sarah Jane and Luke's separation in The Lost Boy. Full stop.
  • Parts of "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith" are just heartbreaking... particularly the idea that the Monster of the Week began its attack by, in essence, giving Sarah Jane Alzheimer's.
  • Sarah Jane's narration at the end of series three. It's a tearjerker that requires some context, but after everything we've seen so far, after watching so much death and destruction in Doctor Who and after the frankly chilling events of Torchwood: Children of Earth, hearing Sarah Jane who has seen so much of it saying hopefully that perhaps one day "earth can be a shining example to the universe" can draw a sad smile. Maybe we adults should heed more of what we teach our children.
  • Sarah Jane forgetting the Doctor's name in Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.

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