Tear Jerker / The Rock

  • Hummel's death..
  • The knowledge that despite Hummel's impressive military career and the countless sacrifices he made for his country, his actions on Alcatraz ensure that history will remember him as a traitor who endangered the lives of countless innocent people and whose killed an entire Navy SEAL team. He failed to secure the reparations for his fallen men and also destroyed his own reputation.
  • His men's Last Stand which can be heard over the opening credits:
    Hummel: "I won't let you down. I won't let you down, son.''
    Marine: "They're not coming back for us, are they sir?"
  • Hummel's speech on his wife's grave:
    Hummel: I miss you so much. There's something I've gotta do, Barb. Something I couldn't do while you were here. I tried. You know I tried everything, and I still don't have their attention. Let's hope this elevates their thinking. But whatever happens...(he takes Congressional Medal of Honor out of his pocket) please don't think less of me. (he sets the Medal on top of the headstone, leans over and kisses it, and then walks away).
  • The SEALs shooting it out with the Marines in the showers, and getting wiped out.
    Goodspeed: Don't go!
    • Another tearjerker in that scene is Hummel frantically ordering his men to cease fire, but they can't hear him over the sound of the gunshots or in Frye and Darrow's case likely ignoring him.
      • The music (a reprise of the part of the main theme that plays over the Last Stand mentioned above) doesn't helps any.
    • The FBI personnel watching the entire thing on their monitors, absolutely helpless to stop it. Half of them are ready to lose it completely when they see the aftermath.
    • Hummel finding a survivor among the SEA Ls just in time to watch him die. He then curses his opponents for forcing his hand upon fellow soldiers.
  • "How does one weigh human life?"