Tear Jerker / The Path

  • Some of the girls are terribly troubled, and some of the things you have them do are so wrong that you can't help but feel sorry for them.
  • In order to get Robin's "good ending," you basically have to lead her straight to a dangerous animal. This can also cross into Adult Fear.
  • Ginger is a thirteen-year-old Tomboy who is most likely having to deal with the pressures of girls her age. All she wants is to keep being a kid...
  • Ruby has shades of being a Broken Bird, perhaps due to whatever event that resulted in her having to wear a leg brace.
  • Carmen's comments seem to imply that she doesn't have a high opinion of herself, and the only way people will love her is through her physical appearance. This makes all the implications from her encounter with her Wolf an her subsequent walk through Grandma's house both sad and really, really creepy.
  • Scarlet is having to deal with the pressure of caring for her five sisters, and seems to be suppressing her feelings of loneliness. In her version of Grandma's house after meeting her wolf, everything is either completely organized, or covered in a blank white sheet. It's just so bare...