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Tear Jerker: The Lorax
Will there be another dawn?
There were moments of sadness within The Lorax itself.

  • The TV special has the Once-ler arguing with himself about destroying the Truffula Trees, and eventually he rationalizes that if he didn't do it someone else would.
  • From the TV special version, near the end, we hear the song the Once-ler sings to the boy. Also, the scenes where the animals are forced to leave, as dark reprisals of their cue music play.
  • From the film version itself, after the last tree is cut down, he is not only told by his mom that he was a big disappointment, but all the forest friends he had looked sadly at him (even the little bear himself). Still trying desperately to win them back after all that happens, he even offers the little bear a marshmallow, though the little tyke, with sadness in his eyes, only turns away. And then comes when the Lorax himself lifts himself up to the sky, leaving behind the stone that says "unless". Just, the entire scene here.
  • This exchange, though sarcastic at first, makes you realize just how lonely the Once-ler's been...
    Once-ler: Aww, you missed me.
    Ted: What?
    Once-ler: Well, you're already back. Clearly, you missed me. A little. (voice trembles slightly) Right?
  • The scene in which Audrey comes back to her house to add onto her mural and finds it was painted over with a spray painted "Courtesy of O'Hare Inc."
  • "Thank you, Ted."
  • The ending scene where The Lorax returns and the Once-ler hugs him.
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