Tearjerker / The Last Man on Earth

From the movie:

  • Morgan is forced to kill the dog he managed to befriend because it's infected.
  • Morgan discovering in the end that all his efforts to find a cure and end the undead menace were worse than useless.
  • Morgan trying to get the soldiers at the pit to give him back his daughter's body, only for a military policeman to tell him that there are lots of daughters down there, including his own. Her body is tossed into the pit, and for one long moment Morgan is clearly willing to jump after her.

From the TV series:

  • Phil spends a couple years enjoying life without rules. The reality of the situation hits him hard on his birthday, to the point he attempts suicide.
  • "Is There Anybody Out there?": The second half, where Phil returns to Tucson, only to find out that no one is there and that his house has burned down. And the ending. This is the second season premiere.
  • "No Bull": Phil insisting to Phil #2 that they're family. Probably because he misses his brother, who's really still alive in space.
  • "Silent Night": Phil #2 is stricken with appendicitis. Gail and Todd attempt to perform the surgery, but Phil #2 bleeds out. Gail and Todd try to staunch the bleeding but in the panic of the moment, the monitor flatlines. The next episode reveals that he died on the operating table.
  • "Smart and Stupid": Todd started yelling at Tandy for spending time with his brother, until seeing Mike cough up blood, a symptom of the virus. Tandy keeps on insisting that Mike just has a cold, but the rest don't buy it after the calf's mother dies from the virus. The next episode continues on this, with Mike accepting the fact that he will die and realizing his brother buried his family after the virus.
  • "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths":
    • Phil takes Lewis back to his home in Seattle after learning that his partner Mark was on his way back home when the virus hit. Remembering that his brother Mike made it back, Phil figures there might be a chance, however slim, that Mark might still be alive, and wants Lewis to at least leave a note explaining that he's still alive. Once at the house, Lewis breaks down remembering his life with Mark, and in the end leaves the note on the front door.
    • Inspired by Lewis, Phil drives back to Tucson to see if his brother is still alive. Once back home, he goes to open Mike's bedroom door, but hesitates and instead leaves a note on the front door as well.
    • Carol wants Gail to be a grandmother to her unborn child, so she tries to have Gail legally adopt her. After Gail fights Carol over it, she explains why she isn't willing to have a family: [[spoiler:She had a son once, and it wasn't the virus that killed him.]
  • "If You're Happy and You Know It"
    • Todd locks Melissa inside a room because he thinks Melissa hasn't calmed down. She starts asking him to unlock the door, begging to leave.
    • Gail still stuck in the elevator tries and fails to get out of the elevator. Her plan to get the Roomba fails, and the shooting did nothing but get her injured. She then accepts that she may never see them again and empties her gun, and puts one last bullet in the gun.
  • Jasper says how he's sad that Erica is going to die from childbirth( thankfully she lives). Why he said that?
    Jasper: Because everyone I meet dies.
  • The group has to leave their new home again because the nuclear plant where they live has a meltdown. When they see it, they are understandably scared.
    • As the season goes on, Phil's brother, Mike.
    • The ending of the mid-season 2 finale. Phil 2 dies & Mike's fate is left unknown after using the escape pod that's falling apart.
    • Occurs in-universe when, Mike, an actual astronaut who has been stranded alone in space for two years sings David Bowie's "Space Oddity" for the other survivors... not surprisingly, he breaks down on "Planet Earth is Blue", and everyone breaks out into tears except Tandy, who is simply jealous that his over-achieving brother is getting more attention than him
    • The revelation that Phil had to bury his own parents after they were killed by the virus is enough to bring Mike to tears.
    • Mike's realization that he is dying of the virus, Phil's desperate attempts at denying it, and their final exchange at their family's old house before Phil leaves Mike to die in peace are all heartbreaking. It gets even worse in the first episode of season 3, where, when talking to Pat about Mike, Phil expresses survivor guilt about allowing his brother to die.
    • Mike's decision to die by himself to avoid causing Phil any more grief becomes even more heartbreaking when you remember how terrified he was of dying alone in space just a few days before.
    • Todd breaking into tears over having killed Pat, followed by Phil, and then the rest of the group, hugging him.