Tear Jerker / The Land of Stories

  • "The Longer Walk Home" from The Wishing Spell is in and of itself a great big Humiliation Conga for Alex and Conner, and actually quite hard to read. If you can relate it becomes much worse. And it was chapter two, no less. Alex and Connor come home to realize that their house has finally been sold, and we learn about their father's demise a year prior in a car crash. He would never get to celebrate Alex and Conner's eleventh birthday, which was mere days later. Ouch.
    "The twins and their mother had been anxiously waiting for him at the dinner table when they got the phone call telling them their father wouldn't be joining them that night, or any night after that."
    • "They didn't remember their eleventh birthday, because no one did."
    • Not only that, but their mother had work on their twelfth birthday. You can feel her devastation when the kids say that they weren't expecting much anyway.