Tear Jerker / The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

  • Makoto breaking down in tears on the school roof when she believes that she's screwed everything up and can do nothing to fix it.
  • Makoto's final Time Leap.
  • And again, when Chiaki reappears for a few brief seconds after just leaving Makoto sobbing her heart out and tells her he'll be waiting for her in the future. Makoto's response is a bright, if extremely tearful smile and a quiet, "I'll come running."
  • For those watching the DVD, the included music video for the song "Garnet" can be this, especially if watching and listening while reading the subtitles.
    I'll burn the days that I spent with you into my heart
    So that I'll be all right even if I don't remember them
    Even if I fall in love with someone else someday
    You will always be precious and important to me
    And this season will come around again
  • Makoto being unable to save Kousuke and Kaho, which lead to their deaths. Thankfully, Chiaki managed to fix it, but still....
  • The student who Makoto switched with in Home Ec. class. He's bullied relentlessly to the point he not only attacks his tormentors, but Makoto.