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Tear Jerker: The Descent
  • The death of Beth is especially heartbreaking.
  • The very beginning of the movie after the car accident, when a sobbing Sarah runs into Beth's arms and demands to know where her daughter is, only for Beth to say that's she's died; Sarah collapses and screams in grief while Juno cries and watches on.
  • Oh dear lord the second ending!. While the US ending concludes on a more ominous note, the UK ending is just horribly tragic. Like the first, Sarah awakens from her Hope Spot hallucination and finds herself back in the cave as the sounds of the crawlers draw nearer. Utterly defeated, she sees her smiling daughter sitting happily next to a lit birthday cake, waiting for her mother to join her. She looks back at her, a smile forming on her face as if she has finally found peace. Then, the field of view widens to reveal Sarah further hallucinating and staring at her burning torch, oblivious to the crawlers approach off screen. Sob!
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