Tear Jerker / The Boondock Saints

  • The boys' reactions to Rocco's death is terribly sad. The victim gets shot while tied to a chair. The brothers are witness to the act and they are also tied up and powerless to do anything. Murphy throws himself, chair and all, to the ground and crawls to Rocco to rest his head on the victim's cheek and cry. Connor is reduced to screaming at Rocco, God, Yakevetta, and anyone else who will listen.
    • Rocco's last words are pretty badass.
    Rocco: (to Connor and Murphy) You can't stop. You get out of here. Don't ever stop.
  • Connor screaming and struggling to get loose as the mafiya thugs drag Murphy out to be executed.
  • In the second film, the boys' father also dies, making their lives all the worse for it.