Tear Jerker / The Blackwell Series

Note: Spoilers on this page are largely unmarked, due to being (mostly) broken down into subsections from the series. You have been warned.
  • Every single one of Lauren's "I need a smoke" sequences
    • The ending of Blackwell Unbound is especially hard-hitting if you've played the preceding game. Though Lauren succeeds in stopping the Countess from killing again (though considering she returns as a ghost in Blackwell Convergence, that might have only stopped her temporarily), she starts thinking whether she'll become like her eventually and, even though Joey tries assuring her he'll do anything to prevent that from happening, she decides to stop helping ghosts altogether and spend more time with her family. If you've played the Blackwell Legacy, you'll quickly realize why Joey thinks that's a really bad idea...
  • A lot of the ghosts and/or people you help fall into this territory. Unmarked spoilers abound below, so be warned!
    • From Blackwell Legacy
      • Alli wanted to be a vet, and her ghost was saddened because all of the dogs at the park were afraid of her.
      • Susan tried to commit suicide to get The Deacon to stop talking at her, losing her boyfriend and freaking out her family in the process.
      • All three girls had long, full lives ahead of them... and it was just a chance encounter with a ghost accidentally summoned by a Ouija board that drove 2 to commit suicide and the 3rd to attempt it.
      • Even The Deacon gets in on this - since he'd "got a whiff of sulfur" in the '60s (according to Joe Ghould in "Blackwell Convergence"), he'd been seeking out help from anyone that happened to talk to him... killing who knows how many victims in his desperate search for aid.
    • From Blackwell Unbound
      • The entire case involving the C-Sharps - Cecil tolerated Isaac solely for the sake of his girlfriend, Isaac's sister. After her Death by Despair (after being told she'd never sing again), Isaac refused to leave the stage without playing the duet they'd always closed a show with... but she wasn't there to play accompaniment.
      • Mavis Wilcox was an extreme hikikomori whose fear and habits drove off a husband and got her all-but disowned by her son, only realizing she was dead after being asked to find the one gift he'd ever given her.
    • From Blackwell Convergence
      • The first ghost of a failed businessman was depressing if only because he'd resolved to build himself back up... and then realizes that he'd died when he stepped out onto that ledge earlier.
      • The Countess, of all people, gets one here, as you discover that the reason she went insane was because she'd banished her spirit guide - this is made even sadder in "Deception" when you discover that she'd been tricked into it by Gavin and/or The Conspiracy he's a part of.
    • From Blackwell Deception
      • The first ghost, as much of a Jerk Ass as he is, also comes across as sympathetic when you find out that he'd stolen the money only after the bank had fired him after 30 years of working for them, and not long after his wife had died of cancer.
      • The entire bit with Jeremy, since his having kept the photo of him and Rosa means he did care about her - but just never got around to saying it.
      • All of Gavin's victims - the Haines family was torn apart by his brainwashing Penelope into disowning her family (and leaving everything to him), Tiffany was just a confused young woman trying to find a job she enjoyed, and Jamie, in the words of her professor, "She had a way of infecting you with her passion. When she loved something, she could make you love it too. But as I said, that passion faded with time. She stopped having a passion for much of anything, I think. Such a waste." Couple that with Gavin insisting she try being something she's not, and... well, the ending to that game was very satisfying to see.
  • Epiphany, being the final game in the series, pulls out all the stops.
    • First, the meeting with Kendra, Lia Pierro's 8-10 year-old daughter who's unaware of her ghostly state. Even Joey, as much of a Jerk Ass as he can be, can't bring himself to tell her this straight-out like he'd tried with other ghosts. Oh, and it turns out she died because the conspiracy trying to kill Lia (and other members of her group) simply missed, and Lia was too paranoid to take her to the hospital.
    • Tanya/Heather's death, when she took some valium and some whiskey after being blackmailed by a co-worker over her "working girl" past, which she'd disavowed so thoroughly that her death (slipping and falling in the shower due to her inebriation) actually split her soul in two. She only embraces her past after it's too late to help.
    • Joey gets worked over hard in this game, finding out that his previous two hosts (Rosa's aunt and grandmother) went insane not because of him, but because of Madeline trying to take possession of them. Then there's the fact that he was responsible for freeing her to begin with, and the souls he and Rosa had brought to her for protection were subsequently consumed by the ghastly woman to fuel a possession of Rosa. Oh, and when he successfully evicted her from Rosa's body? Turns out that's precisely what let the Void fill her aunt's and grandmother's heads decades ago, and Madeline decided to take a Kill 'em All approach after being denied. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! barely begins to cover it.
    • And then the finale - Joey is unable to move on for reasons unknown after Rosa sends along the souls of every spook in the world. After some playful banter about enjoying their newfound free time, it turns out that Rosa's power was of the Power Degeneration sort, and she knew it from the time she harnessed it. With her last bit of strength, and wanting to spare her friend from even the possibility of becoming like Madeline, she returns Joey back to life... with Joey approaching her with a Please Wake Up moment immediately after.
  • The old letters Rosa receives from Bellevue Hospital after her appointment in the first game. Long story short: Patricia, Lauren's mother, went crazy and her family saw no other choice than to put her in a mental ward. Eight years later, she died, and Lauren started getting out of touch with her brother Jack, ignoring all his mails and phone calls. After a long silence between each other (and a series of events elaborated on in Unbound), Lauren finally gave in and came to Jack and Maria's marriage. Rosangela was born three years later and Lauren took custody after her parents died in a car crash five years later.
  • Can we just say Joey's entire existence? In life, he was a relatively successful tailor until he's forced to take a bullet for his best friend. He then goes on to haunt his own shop as a ghost, when Jocelyn and Madeline send him off... only for him to get pulled right back, bound to Patricia Blackwell who pretends he doesn't even exist, before succumbing to mental illness and spending the rest of her life in a hospital bed, with Joey stuck next to her. Finally she passes away and Joey moves on to Lauren, who, while reluctant about the whole medium business, at least acknowledges Joey's presence, but it's made even more painful for him when he falls in love with her and she never even bothers to notice. Then when Rosa comes along and Lauren settles down, she too goes insane and Joey spends another 25 years watching her wither away and die, before he finally moves on to Rosa. Then Rosa suffers the same fate as her predecessors, but with her dying breath gives Joey a well-deserved second chance at life, albeit with everyone he ever knew or cared about dead.