'''Warning: Potentially unmarked spoilers!'''
[[folder:Series 1]]
[[AC:6 - In Too Deep]]

[[AC:9 - Storm Warning]]
* Amy and Natalie's brief conversation about mothers in book 9, ''Storm Warning''. Given that Amy's mom has been dead for seven years and Natalie's mom is [[spoiler: the BigBad of the series who is responsible for Amy's mother's death, and psychologically abuses her children to boot]], this makes for a scene that tugs at the heartstrings...especially when you see how loyal Natalie is to her mother, despite [[FridgeHorror (or because of)]] the abuse. And how caring and big-sisterly Amy behaves towards Natalie for a moment....

[[folder:Series 2]]
[[AC:3 - The Dead of Night]]
* When Ian thinks to himself "For that to be the price of a family's happiness? Unimaginable. In fact, he couldn't imagine a happy family at all." Made even worse by the conversation he's just had with [[EvilMatriarch his mother]], who told him that she doesn't want anything to him or his sister, who's been kidnapped, and rubbed in his face the fact that most of the people at the [[CombatAndSupport Cahill Command Center]] barely put up with him.

[[AC:5 - Trust No One]]
* [[spoiler: Alistair's death]].

[[AC:6 - Day of Doom]]
* As if there hadn't already been enough depressing things up to this point, there is [[spoiler: Evan and Natalie's deaths, Ian crying over the body of his little sister, [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes and then]] ''[[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes Isabel's]]'' [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes reaction to Natalie's death]] -- as well as the scene where Amy sees the spirits of Isabel and Natalie walking together, holding hands, happy]]. It's all very sad.