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Tear Jerker: Terminator

The Terminator

  • When Reese dies in the first film.
    • Earlier when Sarah finds out that closest friends, Ginger and Matt have been murdered. It was sorta Narmy, but you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't tear up to that. Especially if you are a troper that lost someone close to you.
  • This deleted scene. When you stop and think about how much of a Crapsack World Kyle lives gets to you.
  • Reese and Sarah engaging in intercourse with a score that's Playing the Heart Strings.
  • Reese telling Sarah his story of the future while she bandages his shot arm. What happens at the end with the Terminator infiltrating is bad enough. However the beginning of the story just gets to this troper: Here we have Reese going to the nearest safe base after a night of touring the battle ground, weak and weary. As he finds a resting spot in the base he slowly walks along the corridor. We hear sounds of moaning and crying, in the background. We then see kids eating what little food the human race has left. Two kids scavenging for rats, presumably to eat them . Two other kids looking like they are relaxing and watching an old movie on TV. Only to find that the TV they are watching is really a hollowed out screen with fire burning inside it. It makes this troper wonder, if they did win the war? What was left for them?

Terminator 2

  • Doubles as in-universe tearjerker: Sarah harshly Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like when she reunites with John, who was expecting some warmth and affection, but is instead devastated by her callous response.
  • As Sarah Connor was about to murder Dyson in cold-blood in front of his family, she realizes that she has become exactly like what she hates the most, and collapses weeping in guilt.
    • The "burning playground" opening, juxtaposed to Brad Fidel's gentle and heartfelt rendition of the "Terminator Theme" strikes just the right emotional nerves, reminding us of how important it is to save this world for the next generation.
    • "I know now why you cry, but it's something I could never do." Grown Men Cried.
    • And the bit at the end, y'know, with his.. the thumb, and... the molten, y'know, is there someone else?
    • Hell, this entire sequence is a Tear Jerker. It's VERY heartrending to see John pleading the T-800 not to go. Even after you consider that it was the closest he ever got to have a father figure. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, when watched back-to-back with Sarah's final speech in the movie.
      • The Final First Hug between the T-800 and John is pretty heartbreaking too.
      • The T-800 and Sarah are both being The Stoic, as they know that this has to happen in order to prevent the creation of Skynet. John, however, simply descends into Inelegant Blubbering that leads to a truly heartbreaking Heroic BSOD:
      "I order you not to go! I order you not to go! IorderyounottogoIorderyounottogo!!"
  • Sarah's last line from the film:
    Sarah: The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

Terminator Salvation

  • "Take mine. You said every man gets a second chance. This is mine."
  • Marcus' reaction to finding out he is a machine. is pretty heartwrenching.
    • Earlier on, Marcus, despite discovering he is now a machine, tries to deny it, proclaiming that he's human. Later on, John asks him what he is, and Marcus, now more battle damaged, and with more exposed machine parts, simply replies with a dejected "I don't know." Just hearing how lost he sounds is pretty hard to handle.
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