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Tear Jerker: Tales Of Bleach Unreal Society
  • Presea crying her eyes out to Hitsugaya because he tells her its okay to cry after she lost her village. She just hasn't been because she sees no one else mourning their loses. You almost want to say out loud: "Awww, don't cry Presea. It's okay."
  • Orihime telling Ichigo and the others she just wants to go home. She, up to that point, had been working with Cruxis so she's now switching sides again.
  • The end of chapter 43 of Unreal Society.
  • The entire scene with little Kiku calling out to Pronyma, begging her not to leave her in the woods, but Pronyma has no other choice.
  • The tearful goodbye between Ichigo and Masaki in the Alternate Universe.
  • Kiku's death in the Alternate Universe arc. Poor Pronyma.
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