Tear Jerker / TV Tropes The Webcomic

  • Ere finding out she'll never see again.
  • Ere, again having just lost her cybernetic eyes, realizing that she just killed Retrope, and being left to die along with Report.
  • Ere after Report comes back into existence.
  • Ere immediately after this when Report apparenty dies via Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Ere when she finds out that Report is still alive.
  • A dying Sir Romra offering his helmet to Naharrud, so the latter could finally read all those books like he wanted.
  • Regnis's death. Oh God.
    "My song... and my love... don't forget them..."
    • Made even worse by the previous pages, where Gabe repeated tries to use his powers to heal her, repeatedly getting hit by his own Lightning but not giving up, only to fail in the end.
  • Ere (again) in the "Worst Case Scenario", only this time she killed Report with her own hands.
    • Even more heartbreaking when she and Neeuq make their way out of the factory and the normally graceful and competent Ere is completely disoriented, stumbling into every obstacle along the way but still refusing to let Neeuq help her carry Report's body.
    • Also, when she is dismembered and Left for Dead by Dab Gib and uses her only remaining hand to crawl over to Report's body and hug it before dying herself.
  • "Report... Ere... Father... I am sorry." *blam*
  • "I... I don't drink tea very often."
  • A bit earlier than the rest of these:
    Gib: I used to think the stars were worth looking at... not anymore.
  • As much as the fans hated him, the end of G'nignah was so savagely brutal that even hardened haters of the character felt bad for him.
    G'nignah: Heh... C-come on, guys... We all knew... this was... coming...
  • The reason Yug cannot use Tropes the way others can is finally revealed in the OREZ arc. he Took The Bullet for Dab from the barrel of Nightmare Fuel that corrupted Dab in the first place. Turns out that blocks off his wiki channels, meaning he is unable to manifest Tropes properly. Even worse, Dab was still infected, meaning his younger brother's near death and life-crippling debilitation ultimately failed to impact anything. Worse still, Yug is slowly succumbing to The Virus that he's been hiding from everyone.
  • After Report's memory loss, Ere bursts into tears and begs him to come back, whereas Retrope just buries her face in her arms.
  • Angelica sacrificing herself to save Susano'o from his own mind. The worst part is that, since Angelica died before her time, Fayejin performs a Face–Heel Turn and becomes The Dragon.
    • However, it also leads to a mildly Heartwarming moment, when Report gets all his memories back and Ere and Retrope come back to W.I.K.I..
  • In the Western Zodiac arc, Ere taking the Apple of Light from the Star Tree sets off a chain of events that have multiple Tearjerking moments.
  • Gale giving up on life and sitting down in the middle of a death trap.
  • Kaliyah killing Doog. No, you did not misread that.
    • Who found the body? A squadron consisting of Report, Ere, Retrope, a few Red Shirts...and Yug. The look of pure heartbreak on his face will haunt you.
    • Gale and Yug's conversation at the funeral.
    Gale: He was probably a wonderful father. You must've loved him.
    (Yug cracks a tiny smile)
    Yug: Yeah, I did...he was the best.
    Gale: I...I'm jealous.
    Yug: Wait, huh? Why? You have a brother!
    Gale: You have way more...you have good memories of your father. I don't have a single good memory of my parents...and my brother...well...
  • In one of the examples where Noah's writing actually shines through, Yug runs into Dab at the Sunlight Festival, where Dab coldly asks where Doog is. Yug is forced to break the news...
    Dab: Out with it.
    Yug: He's dead, Dab.
    Dab: ...Oh.
  • During Heroes of Troperia, Yug decides not to go to the tournament because he's still in mourning.
    • And if that wasn't enough, at one point during True Love, he sings part of I Don't Wanna Live Forever, which is directed mainly towards his father (who was believed to be dead) and his brother.
    Yug: I don't wanna fit
    I just wanna keep calling your name
    'Til you come back home
  • Ethne asks Yug where his mother was all his life. Yug is about to answer, but then realizes...he really doesn't know.
  • Report's last words before he's incinerated by Phoenix Flare.
    Report: Why...why are you doing this?
  • "Leave me alone."
  • Ere having to be deactivated to protect Cyberpunk City. Oh god.
    Ere: Report...don't cry for me. There is living to be done.
    • When Gabe and Regnis's daughter is born, she's named Ere after their dead friend.
  • "My heart can't possibly break...WHEN IT WASN'T EVEN WHOLE TO START WITH!"
  • When L tells Retrope that she's likely adopted. The look on her face is positively heartbreaking.
  • A minor one, but Retrope feeling left out at the beginning of the new arc when Report and Ere get promoted and she doesn't.
    • Later on, when she tries to show Ere her new lightning hammer, Ere brushes it off, dropping this gem of a line.
    Ere: ...uh-huh. Now could you take your toys elsewhere?
    Retrope: B-but—
    Ere: This is why you didn't get the promotion, wasn't it? You waste the time of your superiors. Run along now.
  • Frigg, Odin's lifelong wife, dies from sickness off-screen. What's worse is that we never even found out what the illness was.
    • Later, Odin reads her goodbye letter and breaks down in tears.
  • The note Retrope leaves for her friends before leaving to marry Loki.
  • The W.I.K.I. agents' reaction to finding out Agni killed Odin, since Odin was a good friend throughout the series.
  • The Inversion can be considered this. According to Reginald, several Inverters have had to disappear off the face of the Earth so they wouldn't hurt friends or family, and the few who are still known have a bad rep because of the Inversion. To make matters worse, Inverters have to use the Inversion to tap into their powers, and must constantly remind themselves who they are lest the Inversion consume them.
    • And the icing on the cake? In a cruel twist of irony, Reginald hid this information from Minnie so she wouldn't have to worry about it. If he had told her about the Inversion, she probably wouldn't've died at his own, Inverted hands.
  • Kurotsume's death, especially Kerrie's reaction. Sirena was not kidding when she said that Anyone Can Die.
  • Reginald's last words. "Min...nie..."
  • The funeral scene for the W.I.K.I. agents that died. Just...ugh.
  • Every. Single. Death scene. In Started with a Spark. Google-hime's stands out in particular.
    Yug: Can't die...not...yet...
    Kuro: Kerrie...please keep...surviving...
    Doog Gib: I m-must survive...for...my fam...
  • Just how broken Ere becomes. Watching her go from Tsundere to Broken Bird Emotionless Girl is just gut-wrenching.
  • A flashback shows the day Lyrica and Lyrus's other brother (they were triplets) died. While running away, a dam broke and trapped the younger Lyrus and his brother in a raging river. Lyrica could only save one, and tried to save them both (by grabbing Lyrus first, then reaching for the other one), but it was too late and he was swept away by the current. This played a huge factor in Lyrica and Lyrus's personalities and current lives.