Tear Jerker / Super Mario Bros.

"Mario...was I...of...assist...ance?"

"Oh, how sad."
Toad, Mario Party 7


The Games

  • Saving Princess Toadstool for the very first time in the original Super Mario Bros..
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 turning out to be All Just a Dream. Most likely, Mario and company had great times kicking the butts of Wart and his forces together, but those adventures never actually happened and only Mario will remember them.
  • The credits sequence in Mario Kart 64. There's just something about the music and the panoramic views of the tracks that makes the tear ducts flow...
  • Super Mario 64 had unused animations for Mario crying.
  • Super Mario RPG's credits, which not only has the music but also scenes of people you've met throughout your journey getting their wishes finally granted. And just when you think it's over, the main Super Mario Bros. theme starts playing on a music box.
  • The storybook segments in Super Mario Galaxy. The art style and background music is slightly heart-rending to begin with, but it gets worse when Rosalina admits to herself that her mother is "sleeping under the tree in the hill".
    • At first the music is just like all of the other storyline segments but after the playback of young Rosalina's memories the music changes as she has a complete breakdown.
      Rosalina: I want to go home! I want to go home right now! I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to see my mother! But I know she's not there! I knew all along she wasn't out there in the sky! Because...because... she's sleeping under the tree on the hill!
    • Not to mention the game's ending: All of the Lumas die due to what appears to be the universe ending... followed by muted baby cries, representing that they have been reborn.
      • When your Luma chirps and waves goodbye to you before hurling itself into the black hole...
      • Related to this, if you finish the game with all 120 stars, the bonus scene after the credits will likely have you crying tears of a different sort; after Rosalina says her farewell and her ship takes off, the camera pans to a small planet and zooms in to reveal your Luma peeking from behind a rusted mushroom ship (presumably the same one from the storybook) and waving, alive and well after all... followed by a shot of the Luma chirping as it soars into the air.
    • When the black hole forms and begins sucking the characters into it, Mario and Peach desperately reach for each other before flying apart.
    • The background music (a slowed-down remix of the "Good Egg Galaxy" level music from the first Super Mario Galaxy game) that plays on the World 1 map from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • In Super Mario Sunshine Fludd's Disney Death: "Mario...was I...of...assis...tance?"
    • The kicker? Mario didn't even get a chance to say "Yes". On top of that, if you look closely, Mario appears to be crying right after FLUDD dies. Even if FLUDD was a machine, Mario still viewed him as a friend.
    • If you aren't too wrapped up in the fight, you'll notice that FLUDD's dialog starts out normal, then gets increasingly broken. Considering a few things, like the fact that it doesn't look like he ever actually got hit during the fight, this implies either that he was steadily breaking throughout the entire game, or that Mario was handling him much rougher than he could take during the boss fight. And FLUDD was either too concerned with the task at hand (or at least helping Mario), or didn't know he was breaking until the last minute.
  • The Yoshi's Island credits theme, specifically with the slow reprise of the Level Clear theme from the original Super Mario Bros. This remix is also sad.
    Heroes are born!
  • The music during the ending of Mario Party 3.
  • The ending of Mario Party 5 as dreams are restored to normal and you see the characters and the boards floating in a sea of lights in the night sky.
  • As one commenter put it, after hearing this "I'll never skip World 2-2 anymore".
  • Perry's flashback-dreams in Super Princess Peach. Especially the final one.
  • The ending of Super Mario 3D World really makes you feel proud and accomplished, but also sad that the adventure is over.
    • A Koopa Troopa's reaction to losing its shell. It chases after it in panic and becomes depressed if you steal or destroy it.
  • Some of the character reactions to getting a bogey or a double bogey in the Mario Golf series is sometimes very depressing to watch. Especially in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf World Tour.
    • Mario reacts by running in circles and covering his eyes crying. Until he trips on the ground and admits his loss.
    • Luigi get's shocked and admittedly starts crying.
    • Bowser Jr starts throwing a temper tantrum.
    • Toadette yells and then falls on the ground and begins sobbing. A yellow and green toad quickly run up to her and try to calm her down. Toadette doesn't take her losing very well, and quickly pushes both toads out of the way and runs away crying.
  • This Tear Jerker has more to do with the final issue of Nintendo Power, but it also concerns Mario. Remember the cover of the first issue? Readers of this magazine for the past 25 years will likely shed a nostalgic tear or two as the final issue's cover pays homage to the first.

The Live Action/Animated Television series.

The Film

  • The movie has the scene where Luigi and Daisy say goodbye. Especially when Mario has to pretty much drag him back through the portal.
  • In a meta example, Bob Hoskins, who portrayed Mario in the movie, passed away at the age of 71.
  • Early in the movie, Daisy's mother dies. Later on, it's implied Daisy finds and appraises her fossil at the dig site and doesn't even realize it.
  • Lena stabbing poor Yoshi. Hard to say she didn't cross the line there. Even Daisy felt sorry for him.
  • When Mario and Luigi are forced to watch as Toad is de-evolved.
  • Daisy learns that her father was de-evolved into a mushroomy goop which is still sentient. He gets turned back by the end. Toad isn't, as far as we see.

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