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Tear Jerker: Sugar Bits
Bo's song is probably the saddest moment in the entire comic.
Mary had a little lamb
a lamb that she soon lost
and no one tried to find this lamb
not at any cost
the lamb was left there all alone
and she almost cried
and all the little lamb did want

  • The end of the current arc, where it's revealed that Ginger and Licorice orchestrated the whole battles, just so they could confront Bleedheart and see Lady Hope one more time. And later, Licorice appears in Ginger's room, and it's heavily implied that she's a manifestation of her anger and sorrow of her mother's death. And now that Ginger is starting to accept her mother's loss, Licorice starts to fade away, bitterly questioning why she's the one who has to go...

  • This. Just...this. The events of real life have clearly influenced the atmosphere of this particular strip. Anyone who's lost a friend can attest to that. But Now I Must Go has never been more heart-rending.
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