Tearjerker / Strike Witches

  • In the ending of second episode of first season, when Yoshika, with Mio, visits the grave of her father. When Mio reads the message in the grave: “use this power to protect people”, Yoshika finally understands why her father abandoned her. It was for save people's life. She starts to cry in his grave.
  • Genki Girl Lucchini breaking down in tears during season 2 episode 11 when it's discussed that if the coming offensive fails, they'll have to abandon her native Romagna to the Neuroi.
  • When Mio Sakamoto has a breakdown in season 2. "Let me be one of the chosen" she says crying into Minna's arms.
  • Pretty much all of Minna's flashbacks in season 1 episode 8. Her boyfriend Kurt volunteers in the military so he can be with her. Minna makes it out of Gallia during the evacuation, but he does not, and silently apologizes for failing his promise to see her again seconds before he's killed by the Neuroi.
    • Also, the SW-verse Operation Dynamo compared to the real thing. Instead of being a six-figure evacuation of Allied forces from a northern province, it's a complete evacuation of Gallia, a sure logistical nightmare for a country of 40 million people. The current ruined state of Pas de callais and Kurt's demise do not paint a pretty picture of what happened.