Tear Jerker: Strawberry Panic!

  • The country house scene from Strawberry Panic!, in which Shizuma bemoans the death of her lover and breaks down crying has an unexpectedly raw sadness, compared to the silly fanservice-laden nature of the rest of the show.
  • The ending where Tamao encourages Nagisa to go to Shizuma. They hug and run away together, and then we get a cut back to Tamao congratulating them but looking utterly heartbroken. More happy ending scenes, then we have Nagisa and Tamao standing silently on opposite sides of their door. "Welcome home, Nagisa-chan."
  • Although Hikari forgives Yaya for her previous sexual harrassment, she's naturally still scared to get close to her after that. The way she visibly flinches around her, and Yaya's guilt ends up in her refusing to go to the Etoile competition, with Tsubomi comforting her so she won't have to be all alone.