Tear Jerker / Spider-Man: Edge of Time

  • The opening of the game features a Hopeless Boss Fight against Anti-Venom. Miguel desperately pleads for Peter to hang in there and hold Anti-Venom off another few seconds, but it's all for naught; Miguel gets to the Gateway just a second too late to save Peter, and can only scream his name in despair.
    Miguel: Parker? Parker, are you there?! Peter! PETERRR!!
  • "Fighting the Future" has Peter being pummeled by Anti-Venom, dying, saying his last words and such to Miguel, Miguel being dedicated to save him in time. The music adds to the tension, and itís pretty hard not to wince watching Peter being beaten within an inch of his life.
  • Peter's reaction to finding out that he becomes the CEO of Alchemax, the true Big Bad of the entire game.
    Peter: I think...I think I'm in hell... the CEO...it's me...
  • Miguel's words to Mary Jane about her and Peter having a lot of time in the future become this because of One More Day.