Tear Jerker / Solanin

  • Solanin is an entertaining manga about the trials of post-college twenty-somethings trying to figure out what they want out of life. Sure a few problems come along but it's still relatively light. Then the halfway point comes: Taneda accepts a full-time graphic design job and decides to go back to Meiko. Unfortunately, he's hit by a car and the next chapter is a flashback detailing how his and Meiko's relationship started... and at the end of the chapter he dies. The next opens a few months later Meiko is finally working another job, going through everything like she's perfectly fine. But as the chapter goes on, you see her fall asleep on the couch while Katou and Ai decide to go home in the pouring rain. Katou stops and looks up and Ai gets the idea, Meiko proclaims that it's not fair and Taneda's a jerk for dying and the chapter ends with a simple shot of Katou standing in the rain with his head down while Ai has her face buried in his jacket.