Tear Jerker: 1632

  • In Chapter 15 of the novella "Four Days on the Danube" from Ring of Fire III, the story of Ursula Gerisch, who fled the stench of her father's tannery to wed a handsome young lieutenant ... only to be left in the lurch by his death, and by the death of each of the soldiers after him for whom she served as a concubine, until she ended up warming the bed of Colonel von Troiberz: a bitter, unpleasant, and quite literally foul human being whose sole virtue to Ursula's eyes is that he does not beat her. When she finds herself in a dirigible after Rita Simpson rescues her from the freezing woods in the wake of firebombing the village von Troiberz was passed out drunk in, her reaction is almost heartbreaking:
    Some time later, looking out at the moon from the gondola, Ursula finally spoke.

    "I'm flying," she said, wonderingly. "I'm really flying."

    A while later, she added, "Away."

  • The death of George Blanton.