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Tear Jerker: Silent Hill 3
  • The scene where Heather discovers Harry dead, as well as the scene where she laments because she never got to tell him how much she loved him.
    Heather: Dad. You used to tell me that you were the strongest man in the world...
    • Also in the scene before the ending, when she breaks down in tears while thinking of Harry after defeating the final boss.
    • Also one for the player if they played the first game. Harry, who the player spent the entire first game with, watching as this man put himself through a literal hell to save his daughter, is dead. And he's not coming back.
  • Douglas' recollection of his son's death.
    Douglas: "You..remind me of my son..."
    Heather: "I thought you said nobody was going to cry over you."
    Douglas: "Dead people don't cry."
    • This exchange:
      Heather: You think you're Superman or something?
      Douglas: You know...I always wanted to be him.
      • And most of these scenes also feature sad music, which makes it all the more tear-jerking.

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