Tear Jerker / Shane Dawson

  • The Grandma trilogy is enough to make anybody cry like a little kid.
    • The first video had him bawling his eyes out in the bathroom of the hospital where his grandma was, recognizing that she could die and saying that he wanted to get some footage of her so he could have a memento of her. Not to mention how the video description was merely "Life is fragile."
    • The second video saw Shane talking to his grandma in tears, telling her how much he loves her and how all of his fans were praying for her to recover.
    • Unfortunately, the trilogy ended in tragedy, with the concluding video titled "R.I.P. Grandma Dawson". However, although there were some emotional moments, Shane wasn't necessarily bawling through the video. Instead, he kept a positive attitude and wanted to remember his grandma in happiness and not sorrow.
  • His video on depression can hit hard even with people who don't watch his videos, particularly in how he tries to keep things lighthearted even when getting emotional.
  • His Draw My Life video.
  • Why Was I Born? has made many people cry especially for those who have felt the same way.
  • "Fuck Up". The song is meant to be humourous but at the same time it hits hard if you feel like you constantly fuck up.
  • His coming out video. Halfway through it, he's already in tears, but at the same time he looks and sounds as though a massive weight has been lifted off of his shoulders, like he's wanted to get all of this out for years (which he freely admits he has).
    • Lisa's reaction video is also equally heartbreaking. She was crying the entire time, not out of sadness but happiness for Shane to be finally be able to accept himself as well as saying that she still loves him and doesn't have any regret dating him or letting him go. And then she proclaims that she and him are still best friends.
  • His tribute to Wes Craven, I Love You Wes Craven seeing Shane in tears talking about his idol is heartbreaking to watch. Especially talking about his audition for Scream 4 which sadly did not come to fruition.
  • Losing A Friend, his reaction to the death of Christina Grimmie. He says he's still "in the anger phase" of dealing with it, and it shows...quiet, heart shattering anger. Then he talks about how it's different from losing a family member or a celebrity, and that he thought he wouldn't have to lose a friend for a long time...
  • Shane being falsely accused of being a pedophile.