Tear Jerker / Second Sight

  • Second Sight had a truly miserable moment: the ending to John Vattic's torture prior to the start of the game (which also functions as a Have a Nice Death sequence should you lose in the "Redemption" level) in which the torturer chooses to finally reveal himself:
    Hanson: Look at me.
    (John painfully lifts his head and looks at Hanson through heavily bruised eyes.)
    John: (struggling to remember) You... are...
    Hanson: I'm your friend... I'm the only friend you have left.
    (John begins crying softly.)
    John: I can't remember...
    Hanson: I can help you to remember- and I can help you to be strong. Just trust me.
    John: Th-thank you.
    Hanson: (Gently) That's quite alright...
    (He turns to his bodyguard.)
    Hanson: Take him to the labs; prepare him for the surgery.