Tear Jerker / s-CRY-ed

  • It's easy to miss in the middle of all the hotbloodedness, but the finale easily counts as one of these. The single-minded need of Kazuma and Ryuho to beat the ever-loving shit out each other is just tragic.
  • The death of Kimishima. What makes it worse is that Kazuma carried him all the way back to Kanami's hiding place and he didn't even realize that his friend had expired during the long walk.
  • Ayase's death. Other than Ryuho, she came the closest to actually killing Kazuma outright. Her feelings for him and the fate of her brother only made her fight and subsequent death all the more heart-wrenching.
  • Scheris' death counts too. The poor girl loved Ryuhou but she knew that he would never see her as anything more than a little sister/friend. Still, she activated her full Alter to give him life again - at the cost of her own. Just try listening to Ryuhou when he wakes up and all he finds are her discarded clothes without being affected. Ryuhou is affected so badly that Kazuma has to tell him to cry for her.