Tear Jerker / Sakura Gari

  • Pretty much all of Sakura Gari is very dramatic, but Sakurako's terrifying Villainous Breakdown (bridget dropping included) and suicide takes the cake, alongside Souma revealing his Break Thecutie years to Masataka and his last scene in the manga... sitting under the Cherry Blossoms as he bleeds, possible to death.
  • Souma after Masataka tells him he wished he was dead. Souma makes a rather good attempt at making that happen.
  • Asayo Katsuragi appears in only three scenes, but she's a walking Tear Jerker. In the third one, though, she's become a Yandere... and earns a CMOA by setting Katsuragi on fire as punishment for his accuse.
  • "I'll forgive you... so please forgive yourself." is both this and heartwarming. Every page after that is a tearjerker, as you watch Souma slowly comprehend that Masataka is forgiving him for everything he's done to him, and then remembering killing his step-mother, being raped by a group of men and his step-mother, almost committing suicide, all while wishing someone would save him and forgive him for his sins until he breaks down in tears.