Tear Jerker / Safehold

  • King Haarahld's final moments, as well as the Wylsynns' and Nahrmann's.
  • Merlin reading the letter written by Saint Zherneau, detailing how they knew of Nimue's sacrifice.
  • Midshipman Lainsair Svairsmahn's Mercy Kill by Gwylym Manthyr's hands, especially with the impassioned plea for Svairsmahn not to blame himself for breaking under torture that precedes it.
  • Haarahld's conversation with the traitorous Duke Tirian's widow and sons after the Duke is killed for his treachery.
  • The Siddermarkian Civil War is full of them.
  • One of Ahnzhelyk's agents is being tortured in an Inquisition facility in Zion (an Expy of Lefortovo Prison) and there's no way to rescue her or the other people (the vast majority innocent) being held there, and there seems to be no way to even spare them more pain without revealing "supernatural power". Nahrmahn comes up with the plan to use a nanotech attack to allow the prisoners to peacefully and painlessly die mysteriously, with the added benefit of causing all the Inquisition staff to drop dead. The attack is told from the POV of the agent as she realizes she's finally going to be released from the endless pain she's suffering.