Tear Jerker / Rose of Versailles

It's set in The French Revolution. We really should have known it'd have a Downer Ending, but nonetheless, there are tears.

  • Prince de Guéméné shooting a starving young Street Urchin in the back despite Rosalie's pleas. It's made all the worse by Oscar's rage and tears over the sheer injustice of the act.
  • Poor little Charlotte's madness and suicide after being forced to marry a much older man. Yes, she was a Spoiled Brat, but when she's shown washing herself in the nearest fountain, then dancing madly on a balcony and tearfully yelling "I don't want to get married!" before falling to her death... it's heartbreaking.
    • Even more when Rosalie puts on a Jerk Ass Facade by saying she doesn't care about her half-sister's death, but then cries anyway.
    • And remember: She is 11 years old.
  • Louis Joseph's death. To make it worse, knowledge of history reveals that his uncle (Louis XVI's older brother) died of the same illness. Even worse? He was a completely sweet, Wise Beyond Their Years child who genuinely wanted to be a good king should he survived the illness, with Oscar as his queen. But he never made it.
  • Nicole's death.
  • Andre trying to hide how he's going blind and Oscar being unable to say she knows the truth.
    • Namely, Andre starts losing eyesight on his remaining eye, and at some point he stands next to Oscar's new portrait and starts giving a flowery false description of it to not let Oscar know his eyesight problems. Oscar then tearfully says the picture is as gorgeous as he says it is, not having the heart to tell Andre that she knows the truth.
  • Diann's suicide after her fiance abandons her. Specially when Madame de Soissons tearfully explains what happened, and when Alain (Alain, of all people) cries.
    "Her tender smile and cheerful voice are gone. Until I can come in terms with this, I'll stay here... I'll stay by her side!"
  • Andre and Oscar's deaths.
    • The fact that Andre dies the day after him and Oscar finally get together.
      • The fact that Oscar was killed during the attack on the Bastille is just the cherry on the sundae of despair for this normally stoic troper, who sobs like a baby at this series.
  • In episode 39, when heartbroken Oscar wanders around Paris, she notices a girl carrying a body of the accordion player we sometimes saw during the second half of the series. Turns out, the girl is his daughter and is taking him to river Seine because he wanted his body to be thrown there after his death. And then, after the girl drops the body into water, she takes his accordion and starts playing instead of her father because he apparently told her to, while Oscar slowly walks away in the rain. This scene is rather short, but itís also incredibly sad.
  • Antoinette's separation from her children and what one of the soldiers tells her about his own child's death by starvation when she tries to stop them.
    • Oh God, that's heartbreaking. I didn't know who to feel more terrible for.
      • Marie Antoinette: a group of sans-culottes brainwashed Louis Charles into forgetting his parents and accusing Marie Antoinette of having molested him sexually. Sure, Marie Antoinette ruined the accuse and nearly caused the lynching of the man who actually brought the charge before the tribunal, but still...
  • It may not be as out-and-out tragic as most of the examples here - Rose of Versailles is not exactly short of tragedy - but Girodelle pulling an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and un-proposing to Oscar always makes me sniffle a tiny bit.
  • Jeanne's murder of her husband Nicholas and her subsequent suicide. Even worse because Nicholas' murder was an honest accident on Jeanne's part, Nicholas was one of the only things she truly loved.
  • Rosalie's fitful attempts to make Oscar hate her after Polignac pulls a Scarpia Ultimatum on her to force her to leave Oscar and marry the creepy old man Charlotte was previously betrothed to. Among other things, she pretends she was only ever interested in Oscar's money and status. It doesn't work, as Rosalie's a terribly Bad Liar ... Which makes it even worse.
  • And after this, Oscar's and Rosalie's tearful farewell and related scenes when Rosalie nevertheless insists she must leave. Especially Rosalie's heartrendingly empty internal monologue as she is shuttled away in the Polignac carriage and resigns herself to her new life.
    "Adieu, my youth. Adieu, my happiness. Adieu, my Lady Oscar ... "
  • Rosalie's monologue in the first gaiden reveals that she envies girls like Caroline, a girl who also has a crush on Oscar, that look and pursue Oscar without hesitation. Then it hits home when she reveals that her insecurities and hatred transformed into self-loathing, and she never tells anyone about this. One wonders if these issue were ever resolved.
  • Louis XV's death and the events preceding to it.
    • The future Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette would have wanted to stay close to him in his illness... Then it was identified as smallpox, and they were exiled in the room the farthest from the king's to protect them.
      • Made worse by the fact Marie Antoinette was a smallpox survivor, so was immune and could have visited him... Except Louis XV too had survived a bout of smallpox at age 2, and got it again, and the doctors decided to keep her away to be safe.
    • Madame Du Barry's prayer for him to survive out of fear of what would happen to her if he died... And then the King's confessor got her exiled before the king died.
    • How the Dauphin and his wife are informed that Louis XV has just died and they're now king and queen: a number of nobles barge in their room wearing extremely creepy smiles, and then the Countess of Noailles shouts the traditional words: "The king is dead, long live the king". Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette break down crying then and there.
  • Marie Antoinette overhearing her brothers-in-law saying they hope Louis Joseph will just hurry up and die of his tuberculosis and questioning the fact their other nephew Louis Charles is actually Louis XVI's son, just because if Joseph died and Charles was declared Fersen's son they would be the new heirs to the throne by default.
  • By the end of a side story about Girodelle and Sophie von Fersen, they promise to kiss each other if he ever made it out of France alive. He was never heard from again.