Tear Jerker / Rooster Teeth

Achievement Hunter's tear jerking moments can be found here.

  • Geoff watching the Dead Island trailer and having to stop about twenty seconds in. Aside from the trailer itself it's Actually Pretty Funny, from Geoff knowing he is about to make a mistake to him looking up Techland to rant about their marketing.
  • Michael's RIP tweet about his dog, Kaine.
  • In "10 Year Retrospective", Burnie mentions that his mother died six months before Red vs Blue even started, and that she never got to see his creation expand to what it is today.
    • Pretty much all of the 10 Year Retrospective is a tearjerker of some kind or another.
  • For some, Joe the Cat's retirement party. While he's going on to live with Burnie, we'll probably never see him again on video.
  • On Podcast 218, Burnie talked at the end about Graham, a friend of the company, who unbeknownst to him passed away of cancer in 2011. His voice is noticeably shaking throughout the entire bit.
  • One of the old and notable members of the AH community, David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger, went missing after leaving his phone and wallet at home and deleting all his accounts. The heartbroken responses of the Internet truly put this square in this trope. Unfortunately, his body was found a month later.
  • They don't dwell on it for long, but at one point in podcast 238 they talk about a nearby incident where a crazy guy ran over his mother after she was being put in an ambulance. It caused a huge degree of Mood Whiplash, admittedly not for long.
  • While it isn't as sad as a lot of the other things on this page, the company switching buildings. There's one Vine of the Achievement Hunters leaving their old office, and after seeing it for several years seeing it empty is somewhat sad.
  • A member of the staff, Monty Oum, was hospitalized and it is unsure if he will recover. The message posted on the Rooster Teeth website by Burnie is extremely sad. However, the community has showed an amazingly massive amount of support in the fundraising campaign to help pay for the medical bills. The goal was $50,000 and it was broken in 3 hours. This amount of support causes this to double as a Heartwarming moment. If you wish to donate, here is the link.
    • The episode of The Know-It-All began with Ashley Jenkins talking about Monty's hospitalization and she sounds like she's on the verge of crying right then and there as she's trying to explain everything. It's heartbreaking...
    • As of February 2, 2015, Monty Oum has passed away. It's easy to tell just how grief stricken everybody is from Matt's post alone, and the loss of such a great mind over something so completely unpredictable and random is an extreme tragedy.
    • And then hearing the pain in Meg Turney's voice during this announcement about it...
    • And finally, the special episode of the Podcast, with some of the crew talking about their special moments with Monty. Burnie mentioning that he almost felt like breaking down when he saw Monty's mocap outfit hanging on the door.
      • Seeing someone like Gus, normally a hard drinking, hard swearing guy who wouldn't seem like the emotional type, appear to be barely keeping it together shows how hard Monty's death hit the company.
    • Burnie's journal entry that he wrote one month after Monty died is one of the most heartwrenching things you will ever read.
    • The saddest thing about Monty's passing is it was out of nowhere. Here was a guy who lived to the fullest, constantly was considered an amazing individual, and he's gone, all because of an allergic reaction. It makes it more devastating...
  • A group of fans were driving down to RTX 2015 when they encountered a driver going the wrong way.. Tragically and Sadly only 2 out of the 5 teenagers survived, one in hospital.
  • Happy Hour #28. The tagline essentially says it all: "It took 18 years for Geoff to see Titanic. It took him 18 minutes to cry like a baby." A wonderful example of Manly Tears if there ever was one.
  • In the 2015 Extra Life livestream, Michael getting tazed. When it was first brought up, everyone on the stream and everyone watching were excited about the idea, and were actively attempting to make it happen. However, while preparing for it to actually happen, everyone on the stream became noticeably anxious and worried, and several viewers began asking that they not do it out of fear for Michael's safety. Even though they had several medics onsite to make sure Michael wasn't seriously hurt, actually seeing Michael get tazed (twice!) was harrowing, and the amount of pain he was clearly in made the whole thing hard to watch.
    • This was not helped by the stream crashing due to the high amount of traffic leading many to assume the worst had happened.
    • In a podcast episode after the Extra Life event, Michael talked about his tazing and brought up how the second charge lasted a lot longer than the first. (Which is by design.) Jeremy began to yell for Jack to stop, being caught up in panic, and on the podcast Michael said that he thought something had broken in the tazer and he was going to die. He talks about it very humorously, but the panic was genuine. From Gavin's footage, he can be heard grunting out "stop" just before the charge runs out.
    • Jack mentioned as well how horrible he felt when Jeremy told him to stop but he already had his hand off the trigger.
  • Sad Separated-From-His-Wife Geoff is seriously one of the hardest things to watch. Geoff absolutely loves his wife, and her being away on wood-carving business for a long time is incredibly tough on him.