[[Music/{{Rammstein}} This German metal band]] has a few songs that [[TearJerker can make you cry]].
* Music/{{Rammstein}} has some. Yes, it's a German band, yes, it's NDH, yes, the singer may be the scariest guy alive... But God, isn't "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pkLDEEs20U Ohne Dich]]" just...
-->"Without you I cannot be\\
Without you\\
With you I am alone too\\
Without you\\
Without you I count the hours without you\\
With you the seconds stand still\\
They aren't worth it without you..."
* "Klavier" is one of the saddest songs, as it combines melancholic music with heart-wrenching lyrics, and Till sings it so emotionally, it's the perfect example of a Tear Jerker Song. Also, the lyrics do hint at a tragedy.
* "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm6SHAXvQ2Q Nebel]]". Oh God, "Nebel".
-->"The last kiss was so long ago\\
The last kiss\\
He does not remember it anymore..."
** The song is about a boy who stays with his girl while she dies. They kiss one last time, then she dies. It is implied that he never kisses anyone again after that last kiss.
* "Mutter" is pure horror and agony all in one, especially with the music video. The song is based on the band members' relationships with their own mothers, and the music video features the lead singer naked and bald in a concrete hole in the ground. Another person, presumably the singer's clone, is making an epic journey through a swamp and terrain to get to the hole, where he brings a bowl of water for the naked man to drink. The horrifying part is this -- you have ''no idea'' whether the naked, imprisoned one is the clone, or if the well-dressed version is the clone, having replaced the original.
* The music video for "Rosenrot" is about a group of priests (the band members) coming upon a village, where they are all enticed and utterly enchanted by a very young girl (Rosenrot). Every night, they gather together in a circle and flagellate themselves, likely for thinking impure thoughts about her. The lead singer ends up being totally seduced by her, and she manipulates him into murdering her parents. When he emerges from the house, she smiles, then shouts -- and the town wakes up and realizes he's killed her family. They burn him at the stake, and the girl is the ''first one'' to toss the torch onto the pile to set him aflame. AND she's hugging one of the other priests for support.
** The song, however, is about a girl who makes her lover climb a dangerous cliff to retrieve a rose that blooms there. He does, because she wants it -- falls to his death. Quite a sad story, and keeping with the theme of the video to a certain extent -- of a man who loved a woman so much he died for her, when all she cared about was herself.
* "Wo Bist Du". The lyrics about a person going into a downward spiral after a loved one dies and the end trying to commit suicide.
--> "The pretty girls are not pretty\\
The warm hands are so cold\\
All clocks have stopped\\
It's no longer healthy to laugh, and soon"
--> "I look for you behind the light\\
Where are you?\\
I don't want to be so alone\\
Where are you?\\
I look for you under every stone\\
Where are you?\\
I fall asleep with a knife."
* "Morgenstern". The song is about a girl who is so physically ugly that she hides during the daytime so that the light never has to shine on her face, but at night she pleads with the stars to "cast a warm light upon my frightening face/and tell me that I'm not alone." The way Till sings the chorus, injecting the words with just the right amount of loneliness and desperation... wow. Just wow.
** In the song there's another person, somebody who sees the girl and is in utter despair because he finds her so ugly...'' and yet he can't stop loving her''. So he, too, prays to the stars for her to become pretty, asking them to tell her that she's not alone.
-->"And the star wants to shine\\
Onto the beloved of mine\\
It warms my chest and shakes\\
Where life beats\\
To see with the heart\\
She is beautiful."
* "Seemann" is a slow-paced song about someone drowning at sea, which Till sings in a higher, almost pleading voice.
-->"Now you are standing by the lantern\\
You have tears in your face\\
You take the fire from the candle\\
Time stands still and it becomes autumn."\\

-->"They only spoke of your mother\\
Only the night is so merciless\\
At the end I am left alone\\
Time stands still\\
And I am cold."\\

* Haifisch sounds a bit aggressive -- it's a Rammstein song, after all -- but if you understand the lyrics they're actually quite touching. The song is basically about how dedicated the members all are to the band and to one another and how close they are. One line translates to 'if one [of us] isn't keeping up, we stop right away'.
** Furthermore, while the video is dark and more depressing, there's an easter egg/cameo that brings a moment of heartwarming during the funeral. There's no other celebrities invited to the funeral besides for the band... and Music/MarilynManson, due to both how much he helped the band out after Columbine, putting their official press release on his website for more to see, having worked with the band plenty of times in the past, swapping shout outs, performing together and being good friends with Richard (so much so that Richard made Manson do a song for Emigrate's second album despite Manson insisting that Richard's version was better and he could never do it better than Richard). Basically, he's the only celebrity they see to be a close enough friend to belong at Till's funeral, and that's really sweet.
* Roter Sand is quite a sad and powerful song, the lyrics hint at a murder because a woman from a couple cheated on another man. The orchestral version ramps the sadness up a few notches.
** The other version, Liese, is possibly about the aftermath of the Russians taking over the Third Reich. The Russians raped and murdered the women and children after they took over the Third Reich. This version is much worse, due to the lyrics detailing it. Or it might just be the same sort of thing Roter Sand is about, but instead of the woman getting shot by her former boyfriend, she gets raped by him. He gets no punishment.
* The first phrase in the chorus of "Donaukinder" ("Wo sind die kinder?") translates to "[[AdultFear Where are the children?]]". The narrator watches all the wildlife in his town die, smells them rotting in the river, and realizes his kids are missing. The song is about a real-life chemical spill in Romania, where several tons of cyanide solvent was accidentally discharged into a river. [[FridgeHorror How many kids were swimming when the incident occurred?]]
** Add to that by reading up on the disaster- some call it the largest natural disaster since Chernobyl. By the time it got to the Danube (which features in the song title), the cyanide already went through at least 3 rivers big and small, and was highly diluted. The effects were felt not only in Romania, where the spill happened, but Hungary (thanks to the spill almost directly getting into 2 of Hungary's major rivers, first the Szamos then the Tisza), Serbia (via the Tisza and Danube as far as Belgrad), and even as far as Bulgaria. As for the question, the accident happened in January which means kids were not ''swimming'' in the rivers, per se, but they could have been ''walking by them''- parents from all these places asked that question when seeing fish and other animals die and smelling their rivers stink- and just as the song states, the Romanian government and the mine itself denied everything and claimed ignorance for a good while. "Nobody saw what happened" indeed.
*** Being in January, kids were not swimming. But [[OhCrap how many kids drank water from the Danube,]] being the river where they pump their water, [[AdultFear and died?]]