Tearjerker / Rain

  • All of the Transgender Day of Remembrance comics. Especially the last one, which uses real names.
  • Rudy seeking solitude after breaking up with Rain. Seen here.
  • Emily comforting Rain after she has a horrible nightmare (which is confirmed to be a Flashback).
  • Rain waking up to find that Kellen cut her hair short.
  • Heather telling Jessica about her condition, and reveals that she's resented Kylie for having the feminine traits she doesn't have and not wanting them
  • Possibly the way that Emily ended up pregnant by Chase (an older man that was having a relationship with a teenager.
  • When Rain first attempts to confess her feelings to Emily, she's approached by two kids, one of whom looks her in the face and yells to his friend that she's a boy. It cuts down down any confidence she had at that point.
  • Aiken and Jessica's reunion.
  • Emily admitting that she does return Rain's feelings, but that she doesn't think they can be together. She's a high schooler who's having a baby, with all that entails. If word gets out, there's a chance that Rain might be under suspicion of being the father, plus there's the very real possibility that the two of them might not be together forever. Even then, she's worried that she might not be able to raise the baby alone, but she's also scared to get Rain or anyone else wrapped up in her drama. It's one long waterfall of fear and insecurity coming from a girl who did nothing to deserve any of it.
    • Which makes it all the more Heartwarming when they decide to try to make it work anyway.
  • Emily coming forward with how she started dating Chase. They met at one of her mother's social events when Emily was at one of the lowest moments of her life. Since her mom gave her the affection she desperately wanted while she was with him, she hooked up with him. However, then she got threatening texts from one of Chase's exes and she figured out that Chase was constantly cheating on her, toying other girls and then breaking things off when it was convenient and using Emily as a fall back. And the kicker, her mother knew about all this and emotionally manipulated her into staying in that relationship anyway, even downright telling her that she was never going to do better, all because Chase's family was rich. It was only after she figured out Chase was going to perv on her classmates that she drew the line and broke things off.
    • The whole story leads to Rain confessing to her own father's abusiveness, both to herself and her mother. It turns out that Rain would constantly find her mother crying and trying to convince herself that her husband wasn't so bad and that he could get better. Hearing about Emily's mother reminds her of this.
  • Shortly into Chapter 34, Channel reveals that she hadn't been able to get in touch with Maria for a few days, which is worrying since neither her nor Rudy are there at the time. The two do show up more or less fine, but then they reveal the reason why Maria wasn't able to text. It turns out that their parents came home earlier than Rudy expected, causing them to catch him as "Ruby". Their father raged out against him and confiscated his phone, and then Maria gets home and took her phone too, with all of her conversations with Chanel on it. The siblings are trying to be positive about it, but it's obvious that they're in a bad state, and Chanel is worried about Brother Arthur's warning that their parents are looking into "cure the gay" camps.