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Tear Jerker: Radiant Silvergun
  • Stage Five of Radiant Silvergun is an especially tearjerking moment. The entire tone of the game is rather sad, what with you being the last remnants of the human race and all. As a specific example, there's the moment where Gai does his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The premise itself. In particular, think of how it might feel being one of a few surviving humans left in the universe, in a starship that barely escaped Earth's xenocide, knowing that you're all that's left, knowing next to nothing about what caused the xenocide in the first place, and knowing that you'll have to return to Earth in a year or so when you run out of supplies? A few humans simply isn't enough to repopulate the human race, so even if they do win against the Stone-Like, there'll be nothing but a dead planet waiting for them.
  • The fact that nothing good came out of this entire story. It's all one hopeless Last Stand that ends in a Stable Time Loop.

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