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With a MagicalGirl cast [[spoiler:in a CosmicHorrorStory]] it is no surprise that ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' would have {{Tear Jerker}}s.

'''Spoilers ahead, read at your own peril!'''

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[[caption-width-right:341:You know you have a sad anime when the eponymous character is crying in the first few seconds of the opening.]]
* The whole damn series is, by design, one big tear-jerker.
* The despair to which all of the girls [[spoiler: die or are turned into witches]].
** [[spoiler: Mami is killed]] the moments after she is finally told that she will always have a friend and that her lonely existence will end. [[spoiler: Bear in mind her wish in the first place was one she probably regretted instantly just like Charlotte- she was dying in a car crash, her parents already dead, and wished to stay alive. Only to find out being a magical girl by definition would have saved her and she could have wished her parents back from the dead.]]
** Sayaka's grief in being able to heal the person she loves [[spoiler: but in return finds herself unlovable and unnoticed (in comparison to Hitomi who was already getting love letters and Madoka who is purported to have more talent as a magical girl than Sayaka ever will) and dies together with Kyoko, who lost her family in attempting to be selfless and became single-mindedly selfish as a result]].
** Homura, whose actions in attempting to [[spoiler: save and protect Madoka have protected no one at all, culminating in her ultimate despair]].
* [[spoiler: Madoka's witch is heartbreaking as well. Kriemhild Gretchen, the witch of ''salvation'' whose nature is ''mercy.'' "The only way to defeat this witch is to make the world free of misfortune. If there's no grief in this world, she will believe this world is already a heaven." Oh ''Madoka''...]]
* It's bad (and horrifying) enough that ''[[spoiler:[[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII Anne Frank]]]]'' was a ''Puella Magi''. The theories that the Witch Uhrmann may have been a ''[[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman dog]]'' used in an Incubator experiment who just wanted love from humans [[HumansAreCthulhu and couldn't understand why people (and Incubators) did so many terrible things to her]] take this show's tear ([[NightmareFuel and fear]]) quotient [[SerialEscalation continually higher]] ([[FridgeHorror and makes you wonder about Urobuchi's mental landscape]]).
** Another speculation on Uhrmann's identity is worse. [[spoiler: Some think she was a magical who witched out because a dog was receiving more attention than her, and chose the form of a dog to try and attract attention.]]
* [[spoiler:Madoka's sacrifice]] was undoubtedly her defining moment and CrowningMomentOfAwesome but the fact that she was also partly motivated by her [[HeroicSelfDeprecation lack of self-worth]] is hugely depressing. How Kyubey [[BreakTheCutie picks at her insecurities]] to turn this into near-self-''[[DespairEventHorizon hatred]]'' [[spoiler:(and in most timelines, the Witch that destroys the world)]] not only makes you want to [[TheWoobie give her a hug]], but makes you come away from the show thinking dammit, ''[[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre no one deserves]] [[WhatMeasureIsANonBadass to feel that worthless]]''.[[note]] Since most Witches were created out of despair born of cruelty, [[LoveHurts rejection in romance]], obliviousness, and just plain ol' sociopathy, there's a good reason ''Madoka'' is called ''[[Anime/NeongenesisEvangelion Evangelion]]''s SpiritualSuccessor: both shows invoke the [[AnAesop Aesop]] of [[TheGoldenRule treating others the way you want to be treated]], not taking advantage of others like Kyubey and Gendo, and always trying to take time to consider others' feelings and human worthiness. Madoka and Shinji inhabit universes severely lacking in empathy; pray that ours doesn't go the same way. [[/note]]
* The show's possible message is that if something's too good to be true, it probably is; even if you only want to selflessly help someone (or humanity in general). Also the FamilyUnfriendlyAesop that helping others may only hurt you, and that idealistic belief in ThePowerOfLove, ThePowerOfFriendship most certainly ''will''. [[note]] It should be mentioned that even Urobuchi does not think happy endings are impossible. As the show itself demonstrates, idealism can work, but it takes tremendous effort, and sacrifices will be made. [[SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers Someone who is genuine in their belief in the worth of all life can weather the despair that is thrown at them.]] [[/note]]
* See this [[http://blamethelag.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/jawsome-japanimation-top-ten-saddest-moments-in-madoka-magica/ top 10 list of saddest moments in Madoka Magica]].
* Homura's magical girl career is a tearjerker itself as [[spoiler:[[FailureIsTheOnlyOption she tries so hard to save to save Madoka from the fate of being magical girls, only to fail and be forced to repeat the circumstances that led them to their demise]], thus turning her into the aloof, stoic girl that we know. Her expressions alone when she tries to keep her cool, stoic nature while deep inside she's actually crying and pleading Madoka to not make the contract for her own good. How her warnings always are ignored by the others, leading to another failed attempt to save them. She sums up her plight with the phrase "Dedication has no reward."]]
** Not helping is the FridgeHorror of seeing her confrontations with Mami in the earlier episodes. Mami used to be [[spoiler:the senior she looked up to, just like she is with Madoka]].
* Like most things in this show, equal parts heartwarming and tearjerking is: [[spoiler: Ultimate Madoka's existence, in light of Madoka using Sayaka's grief seed to save Homura, and then begging her to go back and prevent Madoka from becoming a magical girl. When Madoka finally does make the contract she says that if someone tells her it's wrong to have hope, she'll tell them they're wrong every time, but we know that she's only able to say that because Homura erased the timeline where Madoka regretted ever making her wish and becoming a magical girl in the first place, and fell to despair. It wasn't what she wanted, but Homura ''really did save her''.]]
* Everything gets worse when you realize that the main characters in this series are ''middle schoolers.''
** Due to their contracts, [[spoiler: they will '''never have a life beyond the witch hunt.''' The Puella Magi that lasted the longest before witching out was twenty when it happened. Assuming that she was fourteen, she lived six years before ''going irreparably insane, splitting her own soul open and vomiting its contents into a hell-dimension she created'' '''''out of pure rancorousness and acerbity.''''' They will never grow up. They will never lead a normal life. They will die before they can achieve anything in the real world, the world they protect and the world they gave their souls for. Sayaka was right; Magical Girls really are the living dead. It brings to mind a part of the description on Oktavia von Seckendorff's witch card:]]
--> ''Her fortune only turns under the weight of memories and no longer moves toward the future. Nothing will reach her any longer. She will come to know nothing more.''
* [[spoiler:It gets worse than that. When you think about how long Kyubey has been making contracts with these guys and how meta things could get with thier families and stuff, there's a lot of sadness, not just on Madoka and her freinds, but also on every other Puella Magi Kyubey ever made a contract with.]]

[[folder:Episode 3 - I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[MemeticMutation Being Madoka is suffering.]]]]
* [[spoiler:Mami's death]], as well as any mention of it in the subsequent episodes. Madoka crying the next morning during breakfast because she's so lucky to be alive is particularly heartwrenching.
** At one point, Mami ties Homura with red ribbons marked with yellow chain patterns. Later, after [[spoiler:Mami's death]], we see Homura suddenly break free from those ribbons, [[GoryDiscretionShot and notices a couple of them dissolve through her fingers when she holds it...]]
-->'''Homura:''' [[OhCrap Oh no.]]
** Even worse, the moment where Homura [[spoiler:takes the Grief Seed]] after [[spoiler:she, Madoka and Sayaka escape the labyrinth where Mami died]], and [[spoiler:Sayaka]]ís reaction to it, just tears your heart out.
-->[[spoiler:'''Sayaka:''' ''(crying)'' Give it back. It's hers. It's Mami's. '''[[SuddenlyShouting IT BELONGS TO HER! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! IT BELONGS TO MAMI!]]'''\\
'''Homura:''' [[BrutalHonesty You're right. But this can only belong to a magical girl. Therefore, neither of you has any right to touch it.]]\\
''[[DownerEnding (Homura walks away, leaving Madoka and Sayaka to cry on the pavement.)]]'']]
* [[spoiler: Mami's advice to Madoka before she fought Charlotte and died]] got her, as it was seen as [[spoiler: Mami's last words and wishes to Madoka before her heartwrenching death]].
* [[spoiler: Her final thoughts make her death even more heart wrenching. As she fought her way to Charlotte, she was very happy now that she did not have to fight alone and thus finally ending her long solitary fight against witches. Sadly, it was not meant to be.]]
* [[TheCassandra Homura]] screaming and thrashing as Mami leads Madoka further into the labyrinth, both completely unaware of how dangerous Charlotte is.

[[folder:Episode 4 - Miracles and Magic Are Real]]
* The scene with Kyosuke and Sayaka in Episode 4 really heartwrenching. We learn how bitter poor Kyosuke is for no longer being able to do something that meant the world to him, and our hearts go out to Sayaka as she desperately tries to console him. The scene ''really'' punches you in the gut when you find out what happens to Sayaka later in the series.
** Even worse, '''he blames her''' for providing him classical music to listen to, which he experiences as essentially '''mental torture''' and useless (in his words, how could he enjoy or why would he listen to music he desperately wants to play but cannot?), constantly reminding him of his inability to play the violin. Keep in mind that he was faking a smile about it previously most probably because he knew she meant no harm by it and her choice in music was due to the fact that he did like classical music before his accident rendered him unable to play, especially violin. In anger, he smashes Sayaka's recently bought CD with his crippled hand. There is blood, but he says this:
-->''"I can't even feel the pain anymore!"''
** Worse, that line becomes an IronicEcho in the worst way three episodes later.
** Another standout moment from the scene? After Kyousuke breaks the CD, Sayaka tries to beg with him he cannot give up. His answer? He was ''told'' to give up, to not get his hopes up because there is no way he can play again, by none other than his past violin instructor and his doctor. They said it to save him the disappointment they saw as inevitable if he starts to believe he will regain the finesse in his fingers if he does his best at his therapy sessions, but it clearly took a huge toll on the boy. Enough so that the nurses in episode one say they are glad ''someone'' is at least visiting him because he is such a tough patient to deal with, implying he takes out his anger on them and that he gets no other visitors because he did the same to his family so they prefer to stay away to not upset him or themselves.
* After [[spoiler: Mami's death]], Madoka swears that she'll never forget her (since Magical Girls don't leave a body if they die in the witch's barrier, and [[spoiler: Mami]] had nobody to remember her by). That by itself is depressing, but the exchange after that is even ''[[HarsherInHindsight harsher]]'' in retrospect:
-->'''Homura:''' [[spoiler: Mami Tomoe]] is lucky. She'd be happy to hear that. How I envy her.
-->'''Madoka:''' I won't forget you, either! I swear I'll never forget you, Homura, and how you saved us yesterday. I'm always gonna remember you!
** It's also HeartwarmingInHindsight: [[spoiler:this time, Homura won't have to reset the GroundhogDayLoop.]]
* The scene where Madoka visits Mami's home after [[spoiler: turning down Kyubey's offer to become a magical girl because she's afraid of dying like Mami did. She stands alone in the empty house, just looking around at everything and taking in the fact that Mami Tomoe is no longer there and never will be anymore. Finally she just breaks down crying, berating herself for being so weak.]]

[[folder:Episode 6 - This Just Can't Be Right]]
* When Madoka and her mother talk into the night and her mother asked her to grow up faster so they can drink alcohol together... *sniff* It becomes even ''[[HarsherInHindsight sadder]]'' when you consider what happened in the final episode. *sob* [[spoiler:They will ''never'' get to drink together...]]
** Scenes with Madoka and her family become tearjerkers when you watch the end and [[spoiler: you realize just what she was giving up when she made her wish to erase every witch from the past, present and future, and [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascend to a higher plane of existence]] at the cost of retconning her from existence]]. In this CrapsackWorld these are the only times we ever see a parent-child interaction since the rest of the girls' parents are either dead or missing: Mami's and Kyoko's parents are dead [[spoiler: in Kyoko's case, her father went crazy and killed the rest of the family before committing suicide]], Sayaka's are never shown [[spoiler: until her funeral in Episode 11]] and Homura is implied to be an orphan as no mention of her parents is ever made.

[[folder:Episode 7 - Can You Face Your True Feelings?]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[spoiler: Now that you've turned into a '''horrifyingly dead body''']], no one will ''ever'' love you again.]]
* Episode 7, beginning with [[spoiler:Sayaka in the bed, holding her soul]]. She is so broken here.
-->'''Sayaka:''' How could I ever face Kyosuke again? Now that I've been turned into this thing...
* Kyoko's backstory. Her father was so disgusted/scared of her for being a magical girl, that he killed his entire family. He didn't kill her - because she wasn't family.
** Or, Kyoko did get killed. Then she woke up from her healing factor with everyone dead around her.
** The worst thing about this is, elaborated on in the PSP game, that the reason Kyoko's father went insane is not because Kyoko became a Magical Girl, it's because ''he'' now has a CompellingVoice and is horrified by the implications of it.
** Also, the PSP game shows how Kyoko's father found out about her being a Magical Girl. One day, Kyoko caught her family and a few parishioners in the throes of a witch's kiss and preparing to commit suicide. She knocked them out and was able to kill the witch, preventing their deaths, however, her father woke and caught her in her Puella Magi getup, resulting in Kyoko explaining how she made a wish to grant him followers in exchange for becoming a Magical Girl and fighting witches. Rather than being warmed at his daughter's devotion to him, he calls her a witch and to make things worse, the parishioners she saved earlier under the thrall of her father all join in accusing her of being a witch. Dedication has no reward, indeed.
** The way Kyoko reacts when Sayaka throws away an apple. The way she tears into that apple when she gets upset. The way she reacts when Sayaka asked where she got the apples. You can tell she was deeply scarred from the time when her family was starving.
*** Also her reaction at the end of the talk. Sayaka listened to her but declined to take the advice, to which Kyoko yells that magical girls are the only ones who can understand what the other is going through, and it is plain as day that she desperately wants to safe at least one person from the mistakes she made, along with the aforementioned tearing into the apple like she can make everything right again if only she eats enough and isn't hungry.
* It's one thing to [[LoveHurts lose the one you love to someone else]] and quite another to believe you ''can't'' have him/her anymore because something's happened to you that you fear would {{Squick}} that person out, hence you feel "unlovable". Disabled and disfigured people can relate easily.
* All of that comes to its peak in the scene towards the end of the episode, where Sayaka utterly ''breaks'' and cries in Madoka's arms. Creator/EriKitamura's performance will surely make you cry as much as she. And Urobuchi's writing is perfect as well. You know the scriptwriting is good when you have a dialogue that includes the line [[spoiler: "I'm a zombie!"]] and ''still'' makes it incredibly heartbreaking!
* The entire final minutes of the episode, with Sayaka's battle against Elsa Maria. She relentlessly hacks Elsa Maria to pieces with her sword, all while crying and laughing at the same time due to losing Kyosuke to Hitomi. It is safe to say that at that point, one must '''seriously''' want to hug her for all the shit she has gone through on that one bad day.
-->'''Sayaka: [[IronicEcho I don't feel any pain anymore!]]'''
** And if that wasn't enough, after Sayaka goes for the final blow with her sword, transitioning to black to end the episode, we hear this.
--->'''Madoka:''' Stop... please... stop...!

[[folder:Episode 8 - I Was Stupid, So Stupid]]
[[caption-width-right:350:'''''[[DespairEventHorizon "I was stupid... so stupid."]]''''']]
* The bit where Sayaka claims that Homura doesn't give a damn what happens to her, only Madoka...and Homura confirms it.
* After Sayaka contracts and [[spoiler:she's hit with misery absolutely equal to the happiness that Kyosuke will have thanks to her wish]]. This is what ultimately [[spoiler:leads her to become a Witch]]. Her [[BrokenSmile facial expression]], as well as what she says sells it, as pictured.
** Aforementioned quotation, along with [[spoiler: a tear dropping into her soul gem, breaking it and turning into a grief seed, was too poignant, even when you were expecting it]].
** Kyoko's reaction to this entire situation is really what makes this scene sad, especially at the end of it.
-->'''Kyoko:''' SAYAKAAA!!
** Creator/EriKitamura, Sayaka's voice actress, said in an interview that she and Creator/AoiYuuki (Madoka's voice actress) sobbed during the episode's recording.
** At the beginning of the episode, Madoka tries to convince Sayaka to stop fighting recklessly, resulting in the latter snapping at her for claiming to sympathize with her while doing nothing and tells her to become a MagicalGirl if she really wants to understand what she's going through before storming off. This scene is tragic for a couple of reasons: 1) Up to then, Sayaka had been adamant about Madoka not contracting which shows just how much the stress of being a MagicalGirl has gotten to her. 2) Madoka's HeroicSelfDeprecation worsens as a result of this because her best friend told her she's useless. [[spoiler: 3) This is the last meeting between Madoka and Sayaka before she turns into a witch so there is no reconciliation.]]
*** The scene can also be compared to Sayaka and Kyosuke's scene above in Episode 4. One girl sees her ChildhoodFriend falling into grief and despair due to losing an important part of them (Kyosuke's violin playing ability and Sayaka's humanity) and tries to console them only for said friend to lash out at her for 'supposedly' looking down at them driving said girl to make a [[DealWithTheDevil contract]] with Kyubey just to see said friend happy again. The only difference is that Homura was able to intervene in Madoka's case.
* Homura's absolutely ''heartbreaking'' breakdown after she [[spoiler: saves Madoka from [[DealWithTheDevil making a contract with Kyubey]]. "Why... Why must you always sacrifice yourself?"]]
** Even worse, Madoka runs away during her breakdown. It's partly because she wants to find Sayaka and partly because she is ''freaked out'' by Homura's words and how they're coming from TheStoic of the cast. This leads to Homura ''begging'' for Madoka to come back.
** HarsherInHindsight (see Episode 10 below). [[spoiler:"''Always''". Homura has already seen Madoka die at least four times; no matter how hard she tries to change Madoka's mind again and again it always ends the same way. The word Kyubey and Homura use is... countless.]]

[[folder:Episode 9 - I'd Never Allow That to Happen]]
[[caption-width-right:350:They actually had the balls to replace the [[NightmareFuel/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica nightmarish ending theme]] with something far more saddening.]]
* Oktavia giving out a blood-curdling shriek [[spoiler:in Sayaka's voice.]] The effect is both nightmarish and [[TorturedMonster tragic.]]
* Kyoko desperately tearing into her food, as if everything will be alright if only she eats enough. There was a time in her life when everything being all right depended on her eating enough. She eats more in this one episode than she does in the entire series.
* Kyoko used to believe in stories about courage and love triumphing against all odds. Somewhere along the line, she forgot about them.
* [[spoiler:Madoka's reaction to Sayaka's death, leaning over the body and crying into her chest.]]
** [[spoiler: When Homura, during this scene, callously explains that this, as in turning into witches or dying, is the eventual fate of all magical girls, set in stone the moment they contract, Kyoko lifts her by the collar and snaps at her that Homura must be getting off on knowing these things, and tells Homura that "She (Sayaka) was her (Madoka's) best friend" and demands to know, "Are you even still human?!" To which Homura, in her usual deadpan voice, says, "Of course not. And you aren't either."]]
* Kyoko desperately [[spoiler: trying to preserve/revive Sayaka before Kyubey plants the idea of resurrection in her head]].
* [[spoiler: We see Madoka trying desperately to reach out to Oktavia von Seckendorff by reminding her of the ideals she once had only for her to be rewarded by her former friend attempting to crush her in turn. This is more jarring when you remember her first act as a MagicalGirl was saving Madoka from a witch herself.]]
* [[spoiler: Kyoko's HeroicSacrifice[=/=]MercyKill on Oktavia von Seckendorff, saying she understands how horrible it is to be alone, and she won't let Sayaka die that way.]]
* [[spoiler: Kyoko's thoughts as she's falling: "Hey God, if you're there... my life sucked so for once, please, let me have a happy dream." *sniff* This is the first time in a long time that Kyoko's cared about anyone other than herself. The last time she did a selfless deed was to sign her life away as a Magical Girl in exchange for granting her father followers; it resulted in PaterFamilicide. Now that her attempt to change Sayaka back to normal has failed, she's dealing with the fact that she brought Madoka to a death trap and someone is going to die because of her again. The music makes it more depressing.]]
* [[spoiler:Looking at [[http://wiki.puella-magi.net/And_I%27m_Home the translated lyrics]] for Sayaka and Kyoko's duet (which is the special ending theme for this episode in the DVD version) will make you cry all over again.]]
** The image shown at the end of the episode while the song plays is devastating too, pictured in this folder. They are both submerged underwater. Sayaka, unconscious, is drowning and Kyouko holds her hand and looks at her with a faint smile. They're going down together. [[spoiler: It perfectly captures the events of the episode.]]
* [[spoiler: Oktavia's barrier is a cavalcade of meaningful tearjerkers. An armoured mermaid with physical armour where she had no emotional ones. The posters crying out for someone to notice her. Kyosuke hidden underneath the opulent front of the concert all to do with her, standing in a corner with his violin but never playing it the way she wants him to--for her.]]
* Kyoko's surname is Sakura, or Cherry Blossom. Aside from the red motif there was a small piloted missile employed by the Japanese during [=WW2=] nicknamed Cherry Blossoms that were used for Kamikaze attacks against American battleships. [[spoiler: Considering how Kyouko went out there's an odd parallel.]]

[[folder:Episode 10 - I Won't Rely on Anyone Anymore]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[spoiler:'''[[DeathWail The worst cry of anguish]] [[UpToEleven one can ever hear in the history of anime.]]''']]]]
* Just seeing what Homura was like ''before'' she became a magical girl - timid, weak, barely able to do anything right - can be downright ''painful''.
* [[spoiler: We see Homura constantly trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong to save her friends from Kyubey and Walpurgisnacht, but fail every time so far. In most of these timelines, all of them die before her eyes. In the third timeline, not only does Sayaka become a witch and die, but [[BreakTheCutie Mami cracks]] [[GoMadFromTheRevelation and kills Kyoko by shooting her Soul Gem off because she's unable to handle how they'll become witches sooner or later...]]. Madoka has to shoot HER so she doesn't kill Homura. Then, not only do she and Homura fail to stop Walpurgisnacht without horribly corrupting their Soul Gems in the process, but she uses her last Grief Seed [[HeroicSacrifice to drain the darkness from Homura's Soul Gem]] and asks for a MercyKill before she turns into a witch. The prolonged, anguished cry that Homura makes before shooting her best friend to death is utterly heartbreaking.]]
** Even worse, as pictured above, [[spoiler:it cuts to a far away shot of the landscape as we hear Homura's cry. Everyone knows that Homura has to shoot Madoka's [[SoulJar Soul Gem]] [[MercyKill to stop her transformation into a witch.]] [[SoundOnlyDeath Do we hear Homura's gun firing to signify that Madoka is gone?]] '''[[NothingIsScarier No. We only see the orange flash the gun makes as the bullet is fired, with no sound accompanying it.]]''' And then the next scene is Homura in yet another timeline, with an expression that clearly shows that the Homura we knew in the first few timelines is dead. That alone is simple and effective for viewers to contemplate that poignant moment and create the waterworks]].
** [[spoiler:Look at the Grief Seed that Madoka uses. It's patterned after manuscript paper, which sheet music is printed on. That's ''Sayaka's Grief Seed''.]]
* The fact that Homura, in one of the earlier episodes, mentions that she's seen countless magical girls die. With episode 10's [[spoiler: [[GroundhogDayLoop endless]] [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya recursion of time]] coming to light, we can see from the separate timelines that]] the only magical girls that Homura comes into contact with are the one's we personally know: Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, and Kyoko. [[spoiler: Based on the timelines shown to us, we have a death count of 9]]. [[spoiler: On top of failing to save Madoka and consistently witnessing the deaths of her friends, ''just how many times'' did Homura travel back in time in order to bring these four girls to death? WordOfGod is "approaching 100".]]
* [[spoiler: If you look at the clues it seems the Grief Seed she uses to save Homura was Sayaka's. Madoka carried it around with her all that time rather than use it.]]
* [[spoiler: In the original timeline, Mami shows up, complete with CrowningMusicOfAwesome, JustInTime to save Homura from the witch who was trying to lure her to suicide. Knowing exactly what happened to Mami back in Episode 3 turns this from a triumphant entry to an absolutely gut wrenching one. Seeing Madoka and Homura grieving over Mami's lifeless body just some minutes later... *sniff*]]
** Look at the way [[spoiler:Mami's body is positioned. She's lying on her back with her hands folded over her chest, like a corpse would be during a funeral. Implying that Madoka or Homura set it that way as if they try to give her one instead of letting her die in vain.]]
* [[spoiler: Seeing Homura before any of the events of the show took place, you can quickly piece together that the episode is going to be about how she is broken into the way she is in the present. You know it's going to be sad but it's hard to be prepared.]]
* [[spoiler: After seeing everything she's gone through trying to protect Madoka, it's absolutely gut-wrenching to think of what she must be feeling when the girls that she was best friends with in previous timelines reject her advice...]]
* Episode 10 makes the [[SoundtrackDissonance peppy opening theme, "Connect"]] a tearjerker...simply by using it as the ending instead. [[spoiler:Take a look at the lyrics, and you realize that the song is all about Homura and her resolve to finally save Madoka after all the failed recursions.]]
* A retroactive Tear Jerker. [[spoiler:Notice that when they rescue Homura, Madoka and Mami appear to be working together as a team.]] Remember their conversation in Episode 3? [[spoiler:Where Madoka promised to become a Magical Girl and fight by Mami's side, right before the latter died?]]
* The moment when [[spoiler:Homura's [[AdrenalineMakeover changes start.]] From TaremeEyes to TsurimeEyes, [[TheGlassesGottaGo fixing her eyes,]] [[ShakingHerHairLoose undoing her braids...]] Those scenes give impression that, yes, [[FanNickname Moe]][[{{Adorkable}} mura]] is '''[[ThatManIsDead dead]]'''.]]
* Madoka [[spoiler:in the third timeline. After she loses Sayaka, itself too much for her to take, she then sees Mami freak out, kill Kyoko and ready to kill Homura. This forces her to shoot her dead. All this after learning the AwfulTruth about magical girls. Yikes!]]
-->'''Madoka:''' [[spoiler:I don't want this! I can't take it anymore!]]
* [[spoiler: Even though she made her wish for Madoka and considered her her most important friend, Homura still showed some care for the other girls in the earlier timelines; being distraught at Mami's death in timeline 1, proclaiming that she had to warn them, meaning Madoka ''and'' Mami about the AwfulTruth in timeline 3, and apologizing to witch!Sayaka before blowing her up, despite Sayaka's earlier belligerent attitude towards her and looking angry afterwards after her death. Contrast this to the present timeline, where she's mainly apathetic to the fate of the other girls and appears to hardly care about them, except Madoka.]]
* [[spoiler: Remember how Episode 1 opened with Madoka's dream of Homura fighting Walpurgisnacht by herself? It looked like she was calling for help the whole time. Episode 10 reveals it was a previous timeline and that Homura wasn't screaming for someone to help her. She was ''screaming and begging for Madoka not to listen to Kyubey.'' But she was too far away to be heard.]]

[[folder:Episode 11 - The Only Thing I Have Left to Guide Me]]
[[caption-width-right:350:''[[AllForNothing "Everything I've done]], [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption and everything I tried to do..."]]'']]
* Near the end of the episode... [[spoiler: Homura laments her inability to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Lying in defeat she prepares to turn back time again... only to stop after remembering what Kyubey told her. Each time she goes back, she only makes things worse by making Madoka stronger, and thus her Witch. Kyubey has finally broken her by revealing that in attempting to protect Madoka, she has been ruining her. She can't stop because doing so would mean accepting that there is no hope, but if she goes on, she intensifies Madoka's descent and the destruction of the world. In the end, she loses hope...]] The music that plays during the scene takes this from a tearjerker all the way up to ''heart wrenching.''
* [[spoiler:Sayaka's funeral. Though sad it's not so much the funeral itself as it is the reality behind it.]] [[spoiler:It shows us for sure that yes, Sayaka is dead.]] [[spoiler:Consider also that funerals for {{Magical Girl}}s are rare events since they don't leave a body when they die in the witch's barrier or that their bodies are never recovered when they become witches. Both Mami and Kyoko are dead too, but only Madoka and Homura are aware of it and so neither gets a send off. Sayaka only managed to get one due to Kyoko carrying her body out of the barrier after she became a witch.]]
* The conversation between Madoka's mother and teacher in this episode, combined with the conversation between Madoka and her mother in Episode 6. It really hits home how unfair it is that the characters have to suffer so much, when they're still children. These are not the stakes they should be playing with.
** It is more heart wrenching to watch because up until that point, Madoka and her mom are shown to have a great relationship and Madoka has always confided to her mom whenever she has something bothering her. Junko Kaname is distraught by the fact that she knows her daughter is troubled by something and the fact that Madoka isn't telling her about it means she can't do anything to help her daughter out.
* A throwaway line, but a sad one: the homeroom teacher mentions Sayaka, followed by 'and now I'm hearing one of the girls in the third year is missing as well'. She's talking about Mami. This is pretty sad when you remember that it's been the better part of a month at this part, and Mami died near the beginning of it. In episode terms, Mami died in Episode Three and it's now Episode 11. It's been eight episodes since she died, and the teachers are only just now getting worried about it. This suggests that either: the teachers tried to call home, and no one was there, or Mami has possibly missed class before due to the pressures of a magical girl life. Either way, Homura was more right than she knew when she said in Ep 4 that it would be some time before Mami even had a missing person's report - not only does she have no relatives to notice her going missing, but she appears to have somehow flown under the radar in her school life, too.
* Homura confessing to Madoka that [[spoiler: she's lived this last month over and over again trying to save her, but has failed every time. She sobs and hugs Madoka, saying she knows none of this makes any sense since, from Madoka's perspective, Homura is a stranger.]] Creator/ChiwaSaito (Homura's voice actress) confesses in the audio commentary that doing this scene made her cry.

[[folder:Episode 12 - My Very Best Friend]]
[[caption-width-right:350:''[[spoiler:*crying* [[RetGone "Madoka..."]]]]'']]
* [[spoiler:You are all but guaranteed to cry when you see Madoka giving her heartfelt goodbye to Homura before she ceases existing on the physical level.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Madoka:''' So thank you, Homura, for all that's happened. You truly were [[TitleDrop my very best friend]].]]
* The fact that [[spoiler:Tatsuya and Homura are the only people who remember Madoka, not her other friends or parents, and that Homura is the only one who knows of her sacrifice and grieved for her]]. It's even worse if you stop to think about it for a while. [[spoiler: Madoka made the biggest sacrifice in history. Because of her every magical girl who ever existed will be allowed a peaceful death, but in order to obtain that she must spend the rest of eternity doing so. Despite all of the pain she had to suffer in order to make that wish and all of the pain she has to go through to uphold it no one will ever know about what she did. Only Homura and her brother- who will forget it when he grows up- can remember her and Homura is the only one who knows of the sacrifice she made. Homura must now live AloneInACrowd. To add insult to injury, as shown in the page image, we are shown Mami and Kyoko's confusion at Homura crying over some girl named Madoka, while holding Madoka's red ribbons that Madoka herself left behind. They will never know what Madoka did for them or remember the friendship they all once shared.]] That is the saddest thing of all.
* [[TheScrappy Even if you hate Hitomi]] you have to admit [[spoiler: it's sad how she lost her two best friends; one who she can't remember and never will, and another who died fighting in order to keep the city safe. She's the only one of the original trio who survived the series. She's all alone now and she will never know why that is.]]
** Look at [[http://fuzzleyan.tumblr.com/post/34863834304/madokas-childhood-now-imagine-every-single-one these pictures]]. [[spoiler: [[RetGone It never happened and it never will.]] Madoka never existed so those photos were never taken. Her room isn't being used, everything she ever owned was never bought in the first place, her parents probably don't ''know'' who Hitomi and Sayaka are, Madoka never played with her little brother after he was born, and that last photo of Madoka simply walking hand-in-hand with her parents was never taken.]] [[HarsherInHindsight What was once heartwarming has now been turned into a tearjerker about]] [[spoiler: {{what could have been}}]].
** Just...[[spoiler: Junko asking Homura who Madoka is ("Is she an anime character or something?") after she recognizes Tatsuya's drawing of her. It was shown all series that Madoka just had ''such a great relationship'' with her mother, and now Junko doesn't know she ever had a daughter and never will because of Madoka's HeroicSacrifice. All of those wonderful times Madoka had with her mother, her father, and her brother...they're all gone forever.]]
*** Junko mentioning that Homura's ribbon looks like something she would have bought for her daughter if she'd had one. Knowing that Junko bought that ribbon for the daughter she loved so much, but will never remember, despite there being something in her mind that recognises her just a little bit is gutting.
* The one with the green-haired girl who Madoka saved. Just looking at her, all alone and sobbing in despair, and makes you think of how many things like that are still happening in the world.
* [[spoiler:Homura using a bow instead of her guns in memory of Madoka.]]
* According to Urobuchi, Homura technically [[spoiler:''failed'']]. [[spoiler:She didn't save Madoka; Madoka is the one who saves her. Again.]] To make it even worse, [[spoiler:Madoka finally understands just how much Homura sacrificed for her, but only after she AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence. This makes her unable to repay, or hell, ''comfort'' Homura properly, as she can only spend so little time with her.]] [[EveryoneHasStandards Even Urobuchi thinks that he is harsh towards them.]]
** Or, a more positive but equally heartbreaking interpretation is that Homura failed at granting her own wish... [[spoiler: but she did manage to grant Madoka's request that she not be tricked by Kyubey.]]
* [[spoiler: The last conversation Madoka has with her mother before she disappears from history and existence. Think of how close they were. Think of Madoka's last words. Junko will not only never see her daughter again, but she'll forget she ever ''had'' one.]]
* Madoka [[spoiler: taking Sayaka to see Kyosuke playing his violin one last time. It was possible for her to save Sayaka, but doing so would mean Kyosuke would never be able to play again. Sayaka makes peace with how things have turned out and leaves with Madoka, saying she has no regrets and hopes that [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy he and Hitomi will be happy together]]. Urobuchi has said that every timeline in which Sayaka contracts is one where she's doomed to die, which means this is the ''best'' possible outcome for her. All because she wanted a guy she liked to be happy.]]

[[folder:PSP Game]]
* The PSP game reveals [[spoiler: Mami's witch form. One word: '''Candeloro.''' It's heartwrenching to realize that even ''Mami'' succumbs to despair in one timeline or another. The fact that her familiars strongly resemble Madoka and Kyoko make it so much worse.]]
** HarsherInHindsight when you realize that [[spoiler:one of the reasons Mami's dark side tempts her into becoming a witch is that she can create familiars that will never abandon her like the real Sayaka and Kyoko did.]]
* [[spoiler: Kyoko's witch form is named Ophelia. Considering the original Ophelia drowned and Sayaka's witch is a mermaid, the connection makes it all the more tragic.]]
* [[http://youtu.be/aEXxu2zdLpw Now you can watch it in action!]] Poor [[spoiler: Mami]]. She needs a hug. Badly.
* Poor [[spoiler: Kyoko]]. [[spoiler: [[http://www.youtube.com/muW6nQ5yvw0 "Sayaka, I understand now what you said before. This is...real..despair.."]]]]
* You can even [[spoiler: turn ''Homura'' [[ItsAWonderfulFailure into]] [[PlayerPunch a]] [[DespairEventHorizon witch]] [[HarsherInHindsight now!]]]]
* Watching Kyoko and her family spending time together, when you know the [[PaterFamilicide tragedy]] that's about to unfold.

* The first drama CD [[http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Madoka_Magica_Drama_CD_1:_Memories_of_You Memories of You]]. Especially the ending.
* The third drama CD, [[http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Madoka_Magica_Drama_CD_3:_Farewell_Story Farewell Story]][[note]]A majority of this drama CD has been adapted in the first third of the spinoff manga, ''[[Manga/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheDifferentStory The Different Story]]''[[/note]], gives us the details on the past relationship between Kyoko and Mami and it's ''really'' heartwrenching even on observation alone. [[spoiler:Kyoko used to be an idealistic Magical Girl and the only friend Mami had. Then Kyoko's tragedy happened and she grew cynical and argued with Mami... until she decided to go on solo, then Mami desperately tried to make Kyoko stay with her. It ends with Kyoko beating the crap out of Mami, leaving her battered and crying over their broken friendship and her being all alone again...]]
** It's more tragic considering the fact that [[spoiler: Mami died a gruesome death... and ALL while probably thinking that her friendship with Kyoko will remain unrepaired, and Kyoko herself has become dismissive on her existence and death.]]
*** [[spoiler: Kyoko isn't entirely apathetic to Mami's death. In her first confrontation with Sayaka over killing familiars, she acts cocky and arrogant, but isn't hostile, until Sayaka snaps back that people like Kyoko are the reason why Mami's dead, causing Kyoko to drop the haughty mask and clench her fists, angrily muttering "Shut up," showing that Mami's death affected her more than she let on.]]
** [[spoiler: Listening to the Drama CD, young Kyoko sounds a lot like Sayaka when she first started: an altruistic and idealistic PluckyGirl who looked up to Mami in the same way Sayaka did, except for the CallingYourAttacks. It's pretty depressing to listen to Kyoko energetically talk about how she wants to use her powers to protect everyone around her (at one point, she even questions if it's so strange to make a SelflessWish), then flash to after the PaterFamilicide to hear her bitterly proclaim how those attacked by familiars aren't worth saving and that she intends to only use her power for herself. The contrast between Kyoko's past self and present is heartwrenching.]]
** There's also the scene with [[spoiler:Kyoko's family. Not only does the fact that they seemed so happy make their final fate even more tragic, but there's also the knowledge that while they were around, they gave Mami a brief taste of the happiness of having a family when they had her over for dinner, which proves that Mami also suffered as a result of the PaterFamilicide]].
** Because of a few changes, ''[[Manga/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheDifferentStory The Different Story]]'' explores different elements to the Mami/Kyoko's dynamic. [[spoiler: Like the reason that Kyoko, despite the bad break-up, is extremely protective of Mami. Kyoko sees Mami [[LikeBrotherAndSister like family, specifically an older sister]], and is willing to do a lot to see her survive... that includes the HeroicSacrifice[=/=]SenselessSacrifice Kyoko makes latter on. This is shown via a flash back before she fights Oktavia von Seckendorff; of a time when the two were a team.[[note]]If this sounds heart-warming, that because it is but it's also a set-up... all this flashback highlights is how Kyoko [[NothingIsTheSameAnymore can't go back. That is how destructive Kyoko and Mami split has been...]][[/note]]]]
*** ''[[Manga/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheDifferentStory The Different Story]]'' shows why Mami was better off dying in Episode 3. The series consists of events (and Kyubey) conspiring to [[BreakTheCutie break her in every way possible]], culminating in Mami [[spoiler:succumbing to her inner demons and nearly becoming a witch, with Kyoko pulling a HeroicSacrifice to prevent it. Later, Mami is DrivenToSuicide because she simply can't cope with the life of a magical girl any more.]]
* The ''Madogatari'' concept video opens with Madoka and Homura describing what happiness is to them- family, sunlight, friendship- before saying [[spoiler:"But the Goddess had none of these things." So when Homura claimed that Madoka couldn't be happy as a goddess in ''Rebellion'', she was very probably ''right''.]]
* The {{fanvid}}s and other fan-content for Madoka also have their sorrow-filled moments.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_N8DDobBzM Case in point]]: ''魔法少女に花束を'', or more commonly, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxDCw_5o6tE A Bouquet of Flowers for a Magical Girl (English Subtitles)]]. KOKIA's powerful vocals coupled with the abstract, symbolic imagery will fill you with sadness. The simple little glimpses of Madoka breaking into tears makes you simply want to join her in crying. The [[http://youtu.be/i2qNHV_RRC0 sequel]], ''私の太陽'', translated as [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JDgstUj3I0 My Sun]], once again leverages KOKIA's voice and the imagery of Homura visibly breaking down over missing Madoka, and will make your tears into a waterfall.
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvu6wReTvKI This third]] video ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNnlYBWRwaI English Subs]]), ''【まどかマギカ】水底のマギカ【KOKIA】'', featuring "I Believe" by KOKIA, will make you weep for Sayaka and Kyoko.
** [[http://youtu.be/fJ8JRfsurt4 This award-winning AMV]], ''Mahou Shoujo Requiem'', combines its powerful lyrics with some of the more emotionally powerful moments, all but certain to make you realise you still have a few more tears to shed. Little wonder it won so many "Best Of" awards from so many anime conventions.
** [[http://youtu.be/YnD819dufUI Rolling Homura]] is so fitting to poor Homura's plight, you just want to hug her and cry for her. You'll still cry for her sake when Madoka hugs her in your stead in the end.
** This MAD called ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQp8GWdpYug Walpurgisnacht]]'', initially comes off as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, showing a much less bleak possible route of Homura's many time loops. However, things don't end well... [[spoiler: Every one dies (except Homura of course), and despite slight twists, all the deaths are depressingly familiar to those who have finished the show.]]
** Another MAD, which plays "And I'm Home" during [[spoiler:Kyoko's HeroicSacrifice for Sayaka]], it syncs perfectly and makes the already tragic event ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKKTjVFQtFk even more heart-breaking]]''.
* Music/ChristinaPerri has a song, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtOvBOTyX00 A Thousand Years]]," that is absolutely heart-breaking if you hear it right after you watch episode 10. Check the lyrics. Listen to the song, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAijAurVQn8 watch the AMV]]. Cry away!!
* [[http://shewhostepsincake.tumblr.com/post/55691264857/cries-giant-sobs-of-feels This]] short doujin set in October 2017, six years after the series ends.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__q9fsZa5vk "Mata Ashita"]], the bonus ending song for the first two episodes on the BD version seems like a cute little song with it's tone at beginning, but later it shows to be quite depressing, especially when you realize what it's talking about...
* There is a {{Music/Vocaloid}} by the name of CUL out there, whose voicebank was based on the voice of Sayaka's seiyuu. How did a producer use this to their advantage? Well the song they made is called [[spoiler: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-tsQjb69cc&feature=related "Atashitte honto baka"]], that is, "I'm such an idiot" or "I was stupid... so stupid...", i.e., the most spoilerriffic sentence Sayaka uttered in episode 8.]]
-->You sound really bummed out there. But I can help you cheer up.
-->[[DealWithTheDevil Just make a contract with me, ]] [[BlatantLies and I can ease your pains forever]].
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