Tear Jerker / Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

  • Dee Dee's death.
    • Dexter screaming for his Computer to send in medicbots to help Dee Dee. It's followed by a shot revealing that Computer was badly damaged (and possibly killed) in the fight.
    • After Dee Dee's death, there's a point where Dexter finds a distraught Mandark kneeling at her grave and muttering things like "Dee Dee my love" over and over. Whilst Dexter is understandably furious and gives Mandark a well deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech, seeing the way Mandark is acting is pretty heartbreaking, seeing as he has to deal with the fact that he killed the girl he loved.
  • "I have preserved the legacy of a crew. I have saved a life that will remember."
  • Susan's suicide.
  • This entire page, though Weasel balances it out with a little Gallows Humor.
  • Bell's pleas for Blossom not to shoot GIR(ly) before the bomb detonates. If you remember, GIR and Mandark were the only things that really kept her happy, and now Mandark is gone and GIR is all she has left, not to mention her expressions during the entirety of the page that really drive home the point of how much she would hate to lose the only thing she loves, like anyone else, despite her villainous behavior.
  • Bell telling Naga that she wishes she could go back to the time before her 'daddy' became who he was, saying that while he's always telling her that he loves her, back then it was easier to see that he loved her.