Tear Jerker / Phineas And Feb

  • This Song. Even if it is Shaped Like Itself
    • The Come Home Perry song kinda hit me too.
      • And from the same episode that song comes from, the part where Perry leaves gets me every time.
      • And these songs too. Damn
  • Am I the only one who thought that watching Phineas give up hope on the island in Summer Belongs to You is a bit sad?
  • Where the heck is "The City of Love" on here? It's the culmination of how many seasons of Isabella's frustrations and Phineas' Freaking. Obliviousness. Her plaintive little voice, and the fact that he's still oblivious as she sings this right in front of him are just sadness on overdrive.
  • This song makes the others look cheery.
  • Most of Phineas and Candace's brother/sister moments are accidental ones for this troper, because for some reason, Ferb is almost. Never. There.
  • The end of Chez Platypus should count for Doofenshmirtz when the De-loveinator ended up zapping his date and making her feel nothing for him.
  • How has the song from "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford" not been mentioned yet? It's a tear-jerking song about a bully and his goldfish, full of fish puns!