Tear Jerker / Paranoia Agent

  • When Detective Ikari is in the 2D world with Tsukiko and he sees his wife, who tells him she is about to die? Cut to a scene of her flatlining holding a photograph of her husband.
    • Made all the more powerful by his declaration "The reality is I have no place where I'm supposed to be" and yet he goes anyway.
  • Taeko discovering by pure chance that her own father, whom she adored and looked up to had been taking pictures of her undressing in her room when she finds photos he neglected to delete. She then proceeds to destroy her own room in search of the camera and breaks down crying and vomiting, before becoming a runaway.
    • Not helping is the fact that she was posting a "Happy Birthday!" message for him on his computer when she accidentally uncovered his perversion. Her innocence is nothing short of destroyed after that moment.
    • Her refusals to call her father back, and vowing never to return to the house he had built for them so that she would never be confronted by the horrible memories there. And finally, her contemplating suicide as she looks over a raging river.
    • Ultimately, she is attacked by Lil' Slugger, her home is destroyed in a landslide and upon waking up to her father sitting by her bedside in the hospital, she has become an amnesiac, not recognizing her father at all.
  • Ikari returning to the streets of a devastated, eerily silent Tokyo, with the corpses of dozens of unfortunate victims lying around him as he ponders on the hellish scene.
    Ikari: My God. It's just like after the war...
  • Tsukiko apologizing to Maromi.
    • The death of the real Maromi is very soulcrushing itself. The show saves us the pain of actually watching the little puppy getting hit by the car, but then inmediately shows us the aftermath of its lifeless body lying on the road with blood splashed all over the place and Tsukiko (as a child) finding it. The scene can be particularly crushing for anyone who lost a pet that way.
  • "Goodbye..."