Tear Jerker / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The Film
  • Bond's reaction at his wife Tracy's death. "We have all the time in the world..."
    • The original draft had them drive happily off into the sunset and then have her die in the pretitles of the next film. The way it turned out makes it even more stark.
    • It's even worse if you pay attention in later films, and realize she's the (Watsonian) reason there's a different Bond girl every film: he can't get over her. (The Doylist explanation, of course, being the financial practicalities of having non-recurring Bond Girls.)
    • What makes it even worse somehow is the way the soundtrack switches from a sad reprise of "We Have All the Time in the World" to this off-kilter, borderline manic version of the James Bond theme, and it just sounds really, really off. All while focused on the lone bullet hole in the windshield...
    • Even knowing it's going to happen doesn't lessen the impact when it does.
    • To make the impact all the more shocking, the entire scene up until the final seconds takes place without any music. As the gun goes off and Bond suddenly sees that his new wife isn't speaking, it's completely silent. Nothing but Bond and his wife...
    • Perhaps the worst part is the very end when we hear Bond start to cry offscreen right before the credits roll.
    • I went into this knowing that she was going to die, so it didn't really shock me. Seeing James, the secret agent and Royal Navy officer who will never give up, go into flat out denial about her death... that really hit me.
  • Tracy's backstory (teenage rebellion, infidelity, dead child, dead husband).
  • Miss Moneypenny crying at Bond's wedding is one of the saddest THINGS of all time. It follows the only time that Q calls Bond by his name instead of the usual "007" ever in the series.

The Novel
  • Try reading You Only Live Twice after you've finished this one. Even though 8 months have passed, Bond's still broken by Tracy's death and can barely keep his job. And even as he goes back to normal, it's very clear that he will never get over his loss.
  • The ending has a weeping Bond quietly cradling the bullet-ridden body of his dead wife, muttering "We have all the time in the world" over and over.