Tear Jerker: Oliver!

  • "Where is Love?", "As Long As He Needs Me", the reprise of "As Long...", and the reprise of "Reviewing the Situation" (it's different in the movie).
  • Nancy:
    • Her death, and her situation, really. A child pickpocket who was unable to get out and stuck with an abusive boyfriend. She tries to save Oliver from what she knows will happen and is beaten to death!!
    • Making it worse is the fact that Nancy was only in a position to be killed by him because she turned down Mr. Brownlow's offer to go to the police. Even with her Heel-Face Turn, she still loved Sikes enough to keep him out of prison. And the bastard ends up killing her because of it.
    • Also the fact that she gave Oliver one last hug before she dies is gut wrenching.