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Tear Jerker: Obscurus Lupa
  • In her 100th episode review of Evil Dead 2, several demon-possessed TGWTG contributors appear and tell her how much she and her videos suck. Though Lupa did put that together herself, it was still really hard to watch.
  • Her Cameo in Kyle's 50th Review. She was asked to come up with anything, and improved herself telling Kyle how much he sucks. Considering this starts Kyle's Despair Event Horizon (Various other cameos and the movie itself don't help), but considering how they were at least scripted... Jesus, Lupa.
  • February 2013 was... not kind for Allison. She received death threats from Spoony's Vocal Minority Fan Dumb (who the rest of the fandom has disavowed entirely) who were still pissed about him not being on TGWTG (despite Noah stating multiple times that Lupa did not get him fired from TGWTG and have apologised to each-other), and she had to go to the police, get security doors installed and sleep with the light on. She also took a week off from the internet, and eventually revealed it all on a Tumblr post. Lewis and Kyle were pissed, and called out the fans on Tumblr and Twitter.
    • In the post Lupa talks about the effects of living with Never Live It Down, which show the very sad side of this trope as Lupa reveals how she feels about the criticism she's received since June 2012. Each of the female TGWTG contributors have gone through their respective hazings, but Lupa's trial by fire was harsher by far.
    Events from the past year have left a lasting mark on me and itís something thatís likely to follow me for a long time. Itís easy to say Iím being over-dramatic, to just let it slide, but it wears on you, to hear what an awful person you are for a year, to have people follow you wherever youíve touched, to try and get that last dig in. Itís hard to have so called vigilantes follow you around to dole out justice for a situation they know none of the facts on, for something you didnít do.
  • Another blow struck her in 2013 when her cat Checkers died at the age of 13. There was a huge outpouring of grief from both TGWTG fans and producers, who all remembered Checkers with fondness and offered support to Allison at this time.

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