Tear Jerker / Nirvana

These godfathers of grunge were never exactly known for having cheerful songs.

  • "Something In The Way", depends on your mood.
  • "Come As You Are", with the lyrics "No, I don't have a gun". Oh Kurt...
    • Civil Twilight's cover cranks it Up to 11. From the instrumentation to the lamenting approach to the above line, it's impossible to not be moved by this version of the song.
  • "All Apologies". The final part with the distorted guitar and Kurt singing "All in all is all we are..." is choke-inducing at least.
  • The MTV Unplugged in New York album also has tons of this, especially the chilling "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?".
  • On that note, Kurt Cobain's rare "Do Re Mi" demo, on the WTLO box set. It is one of the last songs recorded before his death, and while a lot folkier and more upbeat than his earlier work, it still manages to be tear inducing.
  • The acoustic version of "You Know You're Right" is hauntingly stark. Not that the studio version was upbeat or cheery, with lyrics like "things have never been so swell/I have never failed to feel/the pain," but the version that's just Kurt and his acoustic guitar is brutal.
    • Not to mention when you realize the actual lyrics go "I have never failed to fail". (If the internet is to believed)
  • "Pennyroyal Tea" from In Utero can really be depressing (it helps if you pay attention to the lyrics knowing Kurt suffered from gastritis and drug addiction).
    • "Pennyroyal Tea" is also slang for a home abortion technique.
  • "Serve The Servants" A song about Cobain's family and childhood. William S. Burroughs, who had collaborated with Cobain, reportedly said that Cobain was already dead upon hearing the song.
  • "Dumb", with the subtle string arrangements and Kurt denouncing himself for feeling happy. "I think I'm dumb, or maybe just happy... I think I'm just happy..."
  • "Heart-Shaped Box" is so aggressive that it hurts, especially the lyric "I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black".
  • Anything regarding Cobain's diseases, Artist Disillusionment, or death.
    • "Dear Kurt, It's been 20 years since you left and I think about you every day. Love, Krist"
    • Just the aftermath of his death is tearjerking to think about. Kurt ended up leaving behind his family, his bandmates, who were his friends, his wife, and his own daughter. Many people usually note that Krist is the one who took Kurt's death the hardest and when interviewed about his passing, he usually speaks how painful the experience was, the last moments with Kurt, and stating how much he wonders how Kurt's life would have been had he not killed himself.
      "For years after Kurt died, I had this habit of like, I'd walk by a pawn shop and I'd look in the window and I'd always look for a left-handed guitar, and then go 'Oh, I don't need to do that anymore.'"
    • Dave Grohl is debated, but judging on how he rarely talks about the subject, it can be a rather personal thing he tries to hide.
      • Not that that has stopped some people from trying. Numerous, numerous people have attributed the Foo Fighters' songs "Let It Die" and "I Should Have Known" as subtle reflections on Kurt's death, and the pain he feels from it.