Tear Jerker: Ninjago

  • The entire episode "Tick Tock" is basically this. Mainly Zane's creator dying right in front of him.
    • That entire backstory was heartbreaking. Who knew legos could be so moving...
    • Really, equal parts Tear Jerker, awesome, funny and heartwarming. If the beard hadn't sprouted before this episode, it's definitely come in now.
    • The clincher: Despite being a robot, and therefore logically being Unable to Cry, Zane still sheds a Single Tear after it all comes back to him.
    • Right after Dr. Julien turns off his memory, the blank expression on Zane's face, especially since his father dies literally seconds after, makes it even sadder.
      • In the episode "The Home" Zane states that he never gets a letter from his parents. Well, now we know why...
    • Sensei Wu as a child, and his confused, frightened expression as he watches his brother become consumed by evil.
  • Garmodon is evil and he can't even control it. He is forced into doing bad things while he really doesn't want it that way.
  • Lloyd will one day have to fight his father.
  • The Lloyd Garmadon's Blog it's incredibly sad, despite its cheerful tones. The scene when he tries to steal the candy at the Jamanakai Village in the episode "Rise of the Snakes" was Played for Laughs, but when we get to read his point of view, the way he was treated at the school for Bad Boys and his reasons to steal the candy...No wonder why poor Lloyd escaped from the school several times.
    Lloyd: "Before I knew it, people were throwing rotten vegetables at me, and those Ninja tied me up to a sign. This was just like Finn all over again. I felt a single tear fall on my cheek, but then I thought that Finn might be right about one thing Ė evil geniuses donít cry!"
  • After Lord Garmodon takes over the Serpentine, one of the Mooks suggests killing Lloyd. The look on Garmodon's face is heart-wrenching, as you can practically see him struggling to control the evil inside of him.
  • Lloyd giving up his childhood to save his friends. A very literal example of Growing Up Sucks.
  • After witnessing that Lloyd has become drastically older in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", Lord Garmadon appears to be on the verge of a Villainous Breakdown, he looks completely heart-broken!
  • Lloyd refusing to speak to his mother after seeing her for the first time in his life in "The Stone Army."
    Misako: "Careful, son. That sinkhole has no bottom. It's where I found the Stone Warrior."
    Lloyd: "Son? You've been gone my whole life! There's nothing you can say."
  • In episode 25, the ninja are talking about their final battle together. It just seems so final, and they've been through a lot, just sad to listen to.
  • All of the Ninja except Lloyd and Kai forcefully being turned evil, then telling Lloyd to leave and save himself. They get turned back to normal in the end.
  • To learn that ninjago city rebuild itself and became a technological marvel only for it to fall under the overlord grip once more with its technology acting as it arms and legs.
  • Poor Zane losing P.I.X.A.L. like that, hopefully he can get her back when they defeat the Overlord once more.
  • Lloyd being helpless to save his father after being captured by Pythor and the Overlord..
    • The shot of Garmadon sinking through the water does not help.
    • Lloyd's face. Lloyd's face.
  • Apparently, part of the Serpentine's reason for going underground was due to humans thinking that THEY were the enemy when they were just warning them of the evil Golden master. No wonder they're so bitter about the sealing bit.
  • Really, just the entirety of the last seven minutes of "The Titanium Ninja": Zane pulls a Heroic Sacrifice (during which the viewer is shown his last memories, including his father telling him he was "built to protect those who cannot protect themselves") and is seemingly Killed Off for Real until the very last scene after his memorial shows he's still alive, just in Borg's systems.
  • The first half of "The Invitation" is this, as it shows how the ninja are dealing with Zane's "death". All of them except Lloyd have given up on being ninja at all, and nearly decide to just end the team altogether.