Tear Jerker / Nightwish

This Finnish symphonic metal band has some incredibly moving songs, even if some might find them a little cheesy.

  • There are some people who can't even listen to "Dead Boy's Poem," because it depresses them so much. "Comforting home, mother's lap, chance for immortality — where being wanted became a thrill I never knew," and, "I live no more to shame, nor me, nor you, and you: I wish I didn't feel for you anymore."
  • "10th Man Down". Everything, from Tarja's anguished vocals, to the lyrics, to the rapid-fire delivery of the chorus, really sells this War Is Hell song.
  • "The Islander" is another one.
  • As well as "Creek Mary's Blood" and "Ghost Love Score."
  • "The Poet and the Pendulum" isn't tearjerky at start, but is very emotionally fraying. You're pumped up, you're nostalgic, you're disturbed, you're creeped out... Then comes the soft and emotional final part ("Be still, my son... you're home...") at which point you burst into tears.
  • Then there are "Eva," "Higher Than Hope," and "Meadows of Heaven."
  • "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan" from Once definitely qualifies. For starters, the title means "Death Makes an Artist" in Finnish.
  • And even "While Your Lips Are Still Red" — which is sung by Marco Hietala, the bassist.
  • Tuomas crying during "Ever Dream" on End of an Era.
  • "Song of Myself" will pump you up and then make a grown man sob at the beauty and the sadness of it. It's the kind of song that makes you look back at your life and go "Did I do it right?" About seven minutes in is the sudden switch.
    "Dear child, stop working. Go play. Forget every rule. There's no fear in a dream."
  • The utter crap Anette was put through by a good portion of the fandom can make one have a bit of sand in one's eye.
    • Same with Floor. She's getting hate from Brazilian Nightwish fans, and has admitted that she's been so stressed it's been giving her nightmares.
    • Nobody seems to mention the out of nowhere departure of Tarja out of Nightwish. Sure she has a solid solo career and Nightwish and her have admitted their proud of the accomplishments in the band...but the fact she was dropped like that makes it pretty saddening. The fact the band members accused her of about the money and that her husband was a bad influence on her makes it more sad. Not to mention when she said her side of the story...
  • The story for the music video "Amaranth" - two boys find a fallen angel who is unconscious and bleeding from the eyes. They bandage her up as best they can and carry her back to their house, where she wakes up and seems to trust the boys. Sounds heartwarming, until we see that the villagers the boys passed are paranoid about the angel and form a mob. They storm the house and drag the boys out, leaving the blind angel crying and feeling for them, before setting the house on fire and destroying the angel. The only bit of good at the end is the implication that the angel escaped back to heaven, at least.
  • "Our Decades in the Sun" is a tribute to the band members' parents. According to Holopainen, band members actually cried while rehearsing and recording the song.
  • "The Greatest Show on Earth". Every second of it will bring any person to Tears of Joy. It's a big, epic celebration of planet Earth and everything that has been accomplished so far and a reminder that we are but a bunch of lucky lifeforms to have made it into existence and experienced the wonder that is life. The final chant of "We were here!" will make any grown man be driven to tears. And then comes the multiple Richard Dawkins monologues read by Dawkins himself...