Tear Jerker / New Sith Brotherhood

  • Drakonis calls for a conference with Amorata and her master regarding her behavior I.E. sending him to murder the last person who can link her to the murder of her best friend in the Jedi academy. When Drakonis says that this isn't about punishment, but healing, her response is small, but reasonably powerful.
Darth Drakonis:"When we let a single thing affect us so deeply, when we let a wound fester, as Darth Vader did, it leads to no good. Correct me if I am wrong, Amorata, but you seem haunted by the memory of your misdeed during your apprenticeship. That murder eats away at you. Do you really think these events will bring you peace?"
Darth Amorata:"To answer your question. No. Darth Drakonis, I do not deserve peace."
  • When Hecate decides to end her relationship with Drak, he takes it really well, until he hears her reason, made especially painful by what she said at the begining of the relationship: "It's not what race you are, it's how you treat people"
Darth Drakonis: "If I may ask..." he began cautiously, not wishing to offend, "To put it frankly... Why?"
Lady Hecate: "Well, you are a different species for one thing. It's hard for me to picture a future for us. Now, I'm not trying to be offensive here, Drakonis. I'm just being brutally honest. Over time, I realized that.... I'd rather be with a human male."
Darth Drakonis: "You... You lied to me? At the starport that day, the day I needed honesty more than anything-... Those were all just words to you?"