Tear Jerker / Nas

  • Black Girl Lost
  • Undying Love, combined with Driven to Suicide.
  • On the lighter side of the scale, Thugz Mansion, though Tupac deserves equal, if not more credit for it.
  • "Dance", which is a tribute to Nas' late mother (who struggled with breast cancer for years, and ultimately died in his arms).
  • "Drunk by Myself".
  • "Just a Moment".
  • “One Love,” which is written with the lyrics being an actual letter he is sending to a close friend that’s locked up in jail. Judging by the context and the way Nas phrases certain “changes” (or lack of) on the outside, it doesn’t sound like his friend is getting out particularly soon (maybe never).
  • "Life's a Bitch" is pretty melancholy, too.