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Tear Jerker: Myst
  • Saavedro's plight in Myst III: Exile. Trapped between a few Ages, convinced that his people are all dead.
    • Pick an ending. Most of them are tear jerkers, be they sad or happy. Such as when you leave Saavedro trapped forever. Also the messages Saavedro leaves, especially as you enter each answer into the thing with the book to Narayan. The way he left the last message untouched, so it was Atrus, proud of his boys getting so far on their own...
    • One easter egg gives you a glimpse of Saavedro with a stuffed animal on his shoulder. You get the distinct impression it's a Companion Cube to stave off his crushing loneliness.
    • His mural of his wife is left incomplete. Saavedro honestly can't remember anymore what her eyes were like.
  • Achenar's death in Myst IV: Revelation.
  • It's sad if you've read the journals from the original game, and the novel "The Book of Atrus" which depict Sirrus and Achenar as very innocent seeming children. Compare those to what they turned into and ultimately ended up happening to them.
  • The intro to End of Ages. it leaves you with an uneasy mix of nostalgia and a sinking feeling before the game even begins. Atrus just sounds so tired.
  • Atrus' situation in the very first game. Having to essentially kill both your sons because they grew up to be so evil? It's a wonder he recovers as well as he does.
  • Watching the mother bird from Exile struggle inside the carnivorous plant's maw, crying piteously for help.

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