Tear Jerker / Myst

  • It's sad if you've read the journals from the original game, and the novel "The Book of Atrus" which depict Sirrus and Achenar as very innocent seeming children. Compare those to what they turned into and ultimately ended up happening to them.
  • Atrus' situation in the very first game. Having to essentially kill both your sons because they grew up to be so evil? It's a wonder he recovers as well as he does.
  • As you travel to the different worlds, and gain a better understanding of how the books and the ages function, the full implications of the burned books in the library begin to sink in. Each book was an entire world, either despoiled, destroyed, or wiped clean of all civilization by Sirrus and Achenar. These were living, breathing, beautiful places reduced to ashes by the greed of just two men. The surviving ages, while still fascinating and breath-taking, are still devoid of their former inhabitants, meaning no world survived unscathed. You can bring justice to those who committed the atrocity, and prevent any further destruction, but nothing will bring back what was destroyed.
  • The ending and entire second half of Book of Ti'ana.