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Tear Jerker: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • The game's theme song Heaven's Divide really tugs at the heart with just the instrumentals. Especially so if you pay attention to the lyrics.
    • There's also Koi No Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence), Paz's theme which plays during the fight with her.
  • Some of Paz's diary entries.
  • At the end of Chapter 4, when the mammal pod AI acts out the will of the Boss and drowns itself rather than have the United States launch a nuclear strike, all while singing THIS.
    • The entire final Peace Walker battles. Think shooting The Boss was hard in MGS3? This ending has an electronic replica of her sacrificing itself (AGAIN), and you're forced to tear her AI pod apart piece by piece while listening to her slowly dying from it.
    • And when that doesn't stop the signal Snake really starts to lose it as he continues to rip apart the insides. Snake's tone during all of this is reduced that of a man running out of options desperately trying to keep himself from cracking under the pressure of the situation. Especially so when he gags as if about to break down in tears out of sheer despair. There's even a quick time event here so the player can join in on Snake's futile banging on what's left of the pod demanding answers from the AI he just destroyed.
    • There's also the fact that while it does this, Big Boss unties The Boss' bandana and lets it fly into the sea with it.
    • I think what makes it worse, what makes it sting is that Big Boss finally accepts his title only while denouncing the Boss. It's really painful to see him basically accept his title out of little more than spite, and not fully understanding her. And because we've already seen his death, we know that he'll never fully understand for over forty years.
  • It's surprising that EVA's letter didn't make on it here.
    • Really, just when thought The Boss couldn't get any more tragic. She was screwed by her country at every turn, yet her loyalty to her country never wavered.
  • Euthanizing The Boss's Horse the exact same way you killed her in Metal Gear Solid 3 deserves to be here.
  • The main point of the game: the world is in peace because we are pointing weapon of mass destruction at each other. Morbid.
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