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Tear Jerker: Mega Man Reawakened
  • Ice Man's death and last words.
    How quaint. I guess I'll be getting me a soldier's death after all.
  • Robert's memories of his life with Tron before his death and rebirth as Mega Man.
  • Denise Marmalade contemplating suicide, though her friends and family talk her down.
  • Robert's argument with Dr. Light in Arc 3, Chapter 8.
  • Arc 3, Chapter 11 has happy tears, as Robert finally lets go of his hate and Dr. Light admits he was wrong and promises to make things up with him.
  • The Arc 3 finale has Robert's conversation with his deceased father, as well as the reveal that Wily rigged the explosion that killed him, and was intending for it to kill Dr. Light. To say Robert doesn't take it well is an understatement.
  • Robert talking down a suicidal man in Arc 4, chapter 3.
  • Robert reading his father's message to him in Arc 4, chapter 3.
  • Police Chief Marmalade blaming himself for Wily going free in Arc 4.
  • The conversation between Robert and Roll at the end of Arc 5, Chapter 5; Roll has to defeat Spark Man before he blows up the city and isn't sure if she can, so Robert talks her into it.
  • In Snake Man's chapter, Robert is poisoned. While he wins the fight, he succumbs soon afterward, and Rush nuzzles and barks at him, trying to wake him up. When that doesn't work, he lays next to him, waiting for hours in case he responds.
  • Gemini Man's calm half, Pollux, tries to save his hotblooded half, Castor. He fails, and turns on Mega Man with anger similar to Castor's.
  • Given how much Robert admired Wily, seeing him betray the Light family for good by stealing Gamma is very sad for both Robert and the readers.
  • When Robert goes to storm Wily's third fortress, Tron realizes that by now Wily must hate Robert, too.

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